Traumatized, depressed and frustrated! Agony of a Sierra Leonean diplomat in the UK


By Abu Bakarr Kargbo – 13th August 2019

Mrs. Kebiatu Modu-Kamara is currently a victim of circumstances that has fallen in the hands of some of her superiors at the Sierra Leone High Commission Office in the United Kingdom. What has come out clearly in recent days is that the dirty politics played at home by some disgruntled politicians is now taken at international level for the whole world to realize that Sierra Leone is not ready for development. Mrs. Kamara’s decision to work at the country’s Foreign Ministry over eight years ago is currently been shattered by her bosses who have turned themselves into the ‘Goliaths’ working for the current Bio Administration in a foreign land. Those who are knowledgeable about her predicament have described it as a ‘Daniel in the lion’s den’.

Her trauma started during the elections campaign period in 2018 after she was posted by the Foreign Ministry to serve as Second Secretary at the Sierra Leone Embassy in the United Kingdom. Some power-thirsty politicians posing as Civil Servants started it all at the Embassy plotting to get rid of her services after their government (the SLPP) would have won the elections.

Sources say there was a great jubilation after President Bio was announced as the winner of the Presidential Elections, thereby paving the way for Mrs. Kamara’s enemies at the Embassy coming out from their hiding places only to start issuing out threats, intimidating and harassing her to the extent that she no longer felt secured at the Embassy. The Sierra Leonean Diplomat who has worked hard over the years to earn a very good reputation at the diplomatic field is now left wallowing in the wilderness in a foreign land.

“I am hated because I am a northerner and I speak my native language ‘themne’,” she told this Press and added that several accusing fingers have been pointed at her of being in love with the All People’s Congress (APC) party’s Presidential Candidate in the 2018 elections, Dr. Samura M.W. Kamara without any evidence to prove their claims. “I have been deprived of my entitlements such as my annual vacation and when I report of illness I will be forced to report for duty,” she revealed.

Sources say the Second Secretary’s depression and frustration grew to the extent that she had a miscarriage of her two month’s pregnancy. Her only hope is for Divine intervention as she continually invokes the presence of the Almighty God to address her sad situation. “She is not allowed to attend meetings and there are times when some difficult assignments are given to her on the eleventh hour as a means to entrap her,” sources say and furthered that her main duties were taken from her and given to those whom are considered as card carriers of the ruling party.

While she is trying very hard to fight her battle, Mrs. Kamara has received her recall as stated in a letter dated 8th July 2019 and signed by the Director-General of the Foreign Affairs Ministry, Al-Hassan Kharamoh Kondeh. The letter state amongst other things that “You are to report to headquarters on or before Wednesday, 1st August 2019” and “by copy of this letter, the Head of Chancery is kindly requested to submit to headquarters, the repatriation cost for Mrs. Kebiatu Kamara, not later Wednesday, 10th July 2019”.

Whether the Head of Chancery has failed to prepare the cost or the Government has failed to meet the cost is a matter which  time will tell. But as at present, Mrs. Kamara is yet to receive a dime that will facilitate her journey back home. She is currently stranded in the UK without her last month salary and other entitlements to make ends meet.


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