Tsunami Hits Sierra Leone Police Force

Former Deputy Inspector General of Police, Foday U K Daboh

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Police Council, headed by Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh as Chairman, has on the 13th May 2020, sent five senior Police Officers on retirement. Those affected were AIG Karrow Kamara, AIG Amos Kargbo, AIG Kallia Sesay, Deputy Inspector General of Police, Foday U K Daboh and AIG Ibrahim .S. Koroma alias ‘Sizeman’, who was the former Head of the Criminal Investigation Department

This latest development comes few days after 10 other senior officers ranging from the rank of Chief Superintendent of Police (CSO) to Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) were dismissed from the Force for various reasons.

There have been mixed reactions to the relieving of the Police Officers with some expressing the view that it has some amount of political undertones were as others have said all those affected have attained the retirement age of sixty years.

It could be recalled that in recent times Police personnel have come under a barrage of criticisms with some calling for restructuring and reforms to be instituted. It is for now not quite certain whether the relieving of the five senior Police Officers is one of the steps geared towards achieving that.



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