TVET Coalition Arises with New Energy

Supported by the EU-GIZ funded Employment Promotion Project (EPP), the Sierra Leone Technical Vocational Education & Training (TVET) Coalition recently convened for a pivotal 2-day reflection and capacity-building workshop held on January 30, 2024. The workshop was a response to a resounding call from Coalition members and its Steering Committee, aiming to realign goals, structures and devise a new operational work plan.

Representatives from over 50 coalition members engaged in rigorous discussions on the current state of the TVET sector in Sierra Leone and deliberated on strategies to bolster the Government’s efforts in promoting TVET as a cornerstone of sustainable development. A critical issue highlighted was the abundance of unskilled youths juxtaposed with the escalating demands of the labor market, resulting in limited job opportunities. With the government’s ambitious target of creating 500,000 jobs for youth in the next five years, addressing this gap is imperative, with TVET emerging as a pivotal component in this endeavor.

The workshop saw the participation of key stakeholders including the Ministry of Technical & Higher Education, NCTVA, the Ministry of Youth, the National Youth Commission, and the Ministry of Labor, whose presence underscored the significance of the event.
Abdul Abu Bakarr Senesie, Director of TVET at the Ministry of Technical and Higher Education, commended the vision of the Coalition’s founders and emphasized the transformative potential of TVET for Sierra Leone. He highlighted the Coalition’s tireless efforts in advancing TVET and noted its expanding membership, now encompassing stakeholders from the wider development community.

He elaborated on the Ministry’s role in supporting TVET transformation, citing initiatives to enhance infrastructure and standardization through NCTVA accreditation. The Director emphasized the importance of uniform national standards to ensure quality across TVET providers.

Rudolf Schneider, team leader of the TVET component of the Germany and EU-funded Employment Promotion Project, reaffirmed the program’s commitment to bridging the skills gap and enhancing youth employability. He praised the collaborative efforts between GIZ and key stakeholders in implementing targeted skills training programs across various districts.

The workshop concluded on January 31st, with the TVET Coalition poised to realize its vision for 2024, marking a significant step towards empowering Sierra Leone’s workforce and fostering sustainable development.


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