VP Juldeh Jalloh Admonishes Sierra Leoneans to be Law Abiding & Peaceful

VP Juldeh Jalloh Admonishes Sierra Leoneans to be Law Abiding & Peaceful

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

When this medium caught up with the Vice President of the Republic of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh, in the afternoon hours of the 8th August 2022, to sound his views on his impressions so far on how the day turned out to be, he initially responded that on his way to work he decided to visit King Harman Road Hospital and the Connaught Hospital respectively and moved around some streets in Freetown.

According to the Vice President, he was very pleased to see both hospitals in good sanitary conditions providing good quality care adding how he thanked the hospital staff, particularly the matrons and nurses for their hard work and dedication in keeping the hospitals running over the last few days.

The Vice President stated that he reiterated Government’s commitment to expanding the investment in healthcare for Sierra Leoneans and more to continue to improve working conditions for health professionals.

Dr Juldeh Jalloh intimated how on that same day he noticed that some shops were opened stating how security personnel, some officials of sector Ministries as well as other key players like the Motor Driver’s Union, the Petty Trader’s Union were encouraging people to open their shops with some people seen returning to do their businesses also maintaining that offices were opened. He added that there was no report of any incidence and even commercial drivers and riders were plying various routes.

The Hon. Vice President informed that he encouraged people to continue doing their businesses any other day.

“I assured the general public that President Bio’s Government is committed to make Sierra Leone peaceful and will continue to maintain the peace that every Sierra Leonean is enjoying today,” the Vice President stated.

He concluded by strongly encouraging Sierra Leoneans to be law abiding and peaceful further acknowledging that it is only law and order that will drive the nation to move forward.

Many, whom this medium reached out to get their views about the Vice President’s move applauded him for undertaking such a positive venture adding that it was indeed very timely.






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