50/50 Group Demands Action Against Cyber-Bullying Targeting Women in Power & Influence

By Alpha Good Kamara

An urgent call was issued by the 50/50 Group of Sierra Leone to combat cyber bullying against female political leaders and election observers in the country, especially following the recently held elections on June 24th.

The group, which is an organization dedicated to promoting gender parity in political and public life, expressed its concern about the increase in cyber-attacks and personalized threats targeting women in positions of power and influence.

The  50/50 Group of Sierra Leone believes such type of harmful behavior not only undermines the contributions made by these women, but can also deter others from participating in politics, thereby limiting their representation and the benefits of diverse and inclusive governance.

In their statement, the 50/50 Group urged the general public to embrace respectful dialogue, stating that differing views and opinions can be expressed through constructive conversations rather than resorting to threats and bullying. They emphasized that the aftermath of elections should be seen as an opportunity for reflection, dialogue, and democratic growth, rather than a time for personal attacks.

They also called on citizens to promptly report any instances of cyber bullying or online harassment they come across, emphasizing the importance of making social media platforms and online forums spaces of positive engagement.

In addition to that, the group said it is encouraging the people of Sierra Leone to celebrate the contributions of women in politics and elections, and to advocate for greater representation of women in leadership positions. They believe that a thriving democracy is dependent on the active participation and engagement of all citizens, regardless of gender.

The call ended with a plea to all Sierra Leoneans, both within and outside the country, to demonstrate the tolerance, calm, and respectful behavior for which they are known, and to come together to address the challenges facing their nation in order to build a peaceful Sierra Leone.

The 50/50 Group’s mission includes increasing the level of female participation in politics and public life, ensuring equivalence in local councils, parliament, cabinet, and other state decision-making institutions, and providing leadership training and literacy classes for women throughout the country.


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