Africell is foremost within the Communication Landscape…

One thing that is indisputable is that Africell, the country’s leading telecommunications company deserve the accolade as the country’s leading telecommunications company that has been rendering dependable and reliable services to its numerous subscribers. In a world that seeks to make the globe smaller through communication, Africell continues to create closeness.

Africell has always been more than just a company. It is a family that stands through thick and thin.

In a retrospective perspective when the Ebola epidemic struck, Africell was at the forefront to render material and financial spport to cushion the negative effects that ensued which went a long way not only to combat the plight but brought relief to those who were especially directly affected.

That was a clear pointer to the fact that the company is dedicated to its mantra of: ‘Africell #WiDaeYaForYou’.

Going further, when the mudslide catastrophe occurred, another major national disaster, Africell was once again at the fore front providing humanitarian support to those that were badly affected. They grieved, mourned and healed together.

Africell has been hailed by many Sierra Leoneans for dishing out meaningful promotions that has improved standards of living evident in the latest one in which 30 Kekehs were won.

It is common knowledge that one of the popular and widely listened radio stations is Air Radio which has been widely acclaimed for churning out impressive programmes that are informative , educating and entertaining.
“Let me help you. Africell is also supporting other radio stations by giving them free fuel and calls,” Joseph disclosed adding that such is helping various local stations to effectively function.
The initiative of introducing a health insurance scheme in which for just Le50, 000 a subscriber is liable to free treatment worth up to the tune of one thousand United States Dollars is really a novelty and Africell is one institution that has ventured into that. “Such an initiative is laudable and it will enhance accessibility as well as affordability to individuals who cannot pay exorbitant medical bills,” a Social Commentator highlighted.
When it comes to internet connectivity Africell is leading in that direction with the introduction its 4G LTE which is faster and very reliable. “We can now browse conveniently at low costs,” a popular blogger noted.
It was reliably revealed that the customer base of the company stands in the range of four million subscribers which is a clear indication that Africell is patronised by many across the country.
Africell has been supporting various activities within the country ranging from sponsoring sporting activities, enhancing education, beautifying different parts of the city and certain institutions. “This shows how the company is complementing the Government to implement national programmes,” a long time subscriber of the company stated.
From all what had been learnt it can be seen that Africell is the leading telecommunications company in the country.


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