Angry society men displayed a scene of blood at Lambaima village… Barber Narrowly Escapes Death for Alleged Homosexuality

Barber John

By Father Aliko

People were in disarray yesterday 14th April, 2019 at Lambaima village, Senehun, Moyamba district South of Sierra Leone when angry society members displayed an ugly bloody scene that scared people by cutting their tongues, penis, burst eyes and other major parts. The entire village was splashed with blood and honey bees were thrown in the air and started biting people with aggression.

According to eye witness who failed to disclose his identity told this reporter that the angry society members were searching for a young Man who they said was caught in the act of homosexual with his colleagues in the bush. Barber John they say ran out of the secret “Poro bush” when he saw that his colleagues whom they caught in the act were apprehended by the society heads. This inhumane act lead to the death of a young Man in the bush which frowns the secret society authorities, chiefs and drew the attention of the Police.

In an interview with the Officer in-Charge attached at the village Police post, told this Press that the Police are investigating the alleged crime but request the cooperation of the Chief, the village people and members of the Secret society in order to help them to pursue their investigations.

According to a reliable source from a close relative of the accuse, he told this Media that Barber John is an active and renowned member who played an instrumental role for the former ruling APC government(All Peoples Congress) party now the main opposition party.This Media gathered that his life became under threat and forced him to ran to Lambaima village to seek refuge, after the announcement of the Sierra Leone Presidential re -run elections result in 4th April 2018 when his party lost the Presidential seat.

Sources continue to reveal that he was chased by the winning Sierra Leone Peoples (SLPP) party stalwarts and brutal youths who were aggressively searching to eliminate him after he survived severe torturing during the elections process. It is also revealed that he was wanted by the Sierra Leone Police to investigate him for his involvement in electoral violence and malpractices which forced him to go on hiding at his Father’s village Laimbama, where he is now wanted for the crime of homosexuality.

Meanwhile, the situation at the village is under control and the police are investigating the alleged offence which is a crime under the Laws of Sierra Leone by constitution which stipulate in Section 61 of the offences against Person Act1861,Male same-sexual activity is illegal and imprisonment for life is possible. As investigations continue, the police are still searching for Barber John who is no where to be seen.

Angry society men displayed a scene of blood at Lambaima village


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