As Housemates Salone Momentum Running High… Names of 50 Aspirants Out Next Week


By Amin Kef Sesay

The good news is that the organizers of Housemates Salone Season 2, Africell and AYV, will announce the names of fifty (50) applicants who were chosen out of thousands that went through an audition that took place at the AYV Media Empire on Wesley Street in Freetown. The announcement will be made anytime next week.

After the announcement, a voting process will subsequently take place in order to get the successful twenty (20) applicants that will finally enter D-House on the 14th October 2020. Voting will last for two weeks.

AYV and Africell will soon announce the exact details of when the voting process for the best 20 will commence.

It is no news again that once the show begins in October, it will be streamed live online at Africa Young Voices Media Empire Facebook page, AYV entertainment TV, Africell Sierra Leone Facebook page and on website at Replay of Housemates Salone Season 2 Audition is aired on AYV Television Channel 33.

The AYV and Africell Sierra Leone Housemates Salone 2 has indeed become the talk of the town eliciting a lot of conversation based on the success of the last show. The forthcoming show is planned to be even bigger and better.

Housemates Salone has in store for the lucky winner the whopping sum of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le250M) plus undertaking a round trip to Dubai.

Apart from bagging the Star Prize of Two Hundred and Fifty Million Leones (Le250M), all other participants will be entitled to their daily allowances of Le100, 000 each whilst they still remain in the House and accumulatively given to them whenever they are evicted.

Interestingly, during a particular stage of the Show, based on the percentage of votes scored by a particular Housemate such will determine if he or she will be evicted from the House. Evictions will continue until the ultimate winner emerges.

Housemates Salone is all about Youth Empowerment. When the successful Housemates are in the House they will be assigned to perform certain tasks that will shape their characters, they will be availed the opportunity to learn new skills, improve on existing ones. They will also be emotionally tested, afforded the space to find panacea to certain human problems and do a host of other things.

Furthermore, the Housemates will benefit from widespread exposure as the Show will be watched near and far. Talents will be spotted and vistas of opportunities would be opened as some of the Housemates would be earmarked to become Brand Ambassadors, movie artists, models etc.

Relatedly and surprisingly, the owner of a popular business entity that deals in electronics and electrical items contacted this medium via a phone call showering profound thanks and appreciation, for what he said has been our immense contribution in boosting his sales on a daily basis.

At first it was confusing, which prompted further probing for him to elucidate. In his response, he frankly and sincerely stated that he is really happy with the way his Television Sets are being bought by members of the public. “They are going like hot cakes for now,” he expressed satisfaction.

However, it was when he mentioned that the professional way in which we are promoting Housemates Salone Season 2 on The Calabash Newspaper, The Calabash Facebook page and other social media platforms, which he believes, has really galvanized people to secure television sets in order to position themselves well to watch the upcoming Housemates Salone Season 2 with the theme, “Quarantine Drama” that it dawned that he was making a salient point.

That was just an aside, but what it clearly manifests is that many people are now gearing up as they eagerly await the real commencement of the Reality TV Show, Housemates Salone, in order to watch fun packed episodes that will ignite lots of laughter and discussions in various circles. Indisputably, the upcoming Reality TV Show continues to gain huge momentum.

From what this medium has so far gathered it seems as if a very entertaining Reality TV Show is in the offing that will change the lives of the Housemates and take the entertainment industry to the next level. Don’t wait to be told. Make a date with Housemates Salone Season 2, the Last Standing Couple with the theme, “Quarantine Drama”. The setting of the stage is underway…don’t miss out❗

For now continue to secure your TV sets in order to position yourselves in your comfort zones to watch the much sought out and long expected upcoming “Quarantine Drama”.



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