Customer Care Has Never Been a Joking Matter For NP (SL) Ltd


By Amin Kef Sesay

As the saying goes “the taste of the pudding lies in the eating”. In other words, one cannot judge whether something is worth going for until someone practically knows its worthiness. Putting this wise saying into the context of the petroleum business landscape in this country, it will be like this: one cannot know the efficacy of any company that is engaged in the marketing of petroleum products unless one tries to transact business with companies that market these products.

From various surveys that this medium has so far conducted over the years, what came up frequently was that many Sierra Leoneans and other nationals are indeed very much attached to the National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) simply because the company always tries to give them utmost satisfaction through effective customer care platforms.

To start with, individuals are first attracted by the company’s state of the art Filling Stations, perfectly built and painted in green and yellow colours, many of them spacious to accommodate large fleet of vehicles, having mini marts where basic items could be bought and in some instances, small sections to mend tires, there is much to satisfy customers’ needs. Besides, the pump attendants are always dressed in uniforms with the company’s official yellow and green colors, creating a serene atmosphere around these Filling Stations.

Now within the Filling Stations one can discover modern calibrated pumping machines which are automated and whenever fuel is discharged these machines display the prices and quantity in litres. These pumping machines are far more efficient than those that used to exist in the past as they are very much transparent, something which buyers cherish a lot. As a matter of fact, seeing what one is paying for brings extreme satisfaction especially when one has the feeling that one is getting back exactly what one is paying for.

When an individual is mindful of the fact that, he or she, is being cared for like how a mother cares for her child then the individual feels great. NP-SL Ltd is like a Mother to all its numerous customers in the country.  It is in that region that the company sees it as a matter of importance to always remind individuals about certain precautionary measures to be adhered to for safety purpose and these include not sparking any naked flame, to switch off phones at Filling Stations, to turn off vehicle engines whilst purchasing fuel among others. Fire extinguishers are always handy at these Filling Stations. Taking into cognizance the fact that the petroleum products that the company deals in, petrol, diesel, gas and lubricants, are highly inflammable then it is very much important that a caring company must always endeavor to enhance precautionary measures.

NP Gas is a cooker that has been proven to have a high precision performance. Manufactured in different cylinder sizes NP Gas has been rated to be environmentally friendly as it does not cause any gaseous negative effects on users. It can be easily refilled with gas that maybe be secured at any of the company’s Filling Station at reasonable prices and they have now become very trending as many people are going for it.

With NP Smart Card customers can purchase fuel with ease. Replacing chits, holders of NP Smart Card, including institutions and individuals can credit their cards with money. With unique codes, it gives the holders security. The card is presented at any NP Filling Station, with the holder stating the quantity that he or she wants to be pumped into a vehicle. This is shortly communicated to the pump attendants who will then pump the stipulated quantity of fuel. It has been attested by many that they find it quite convenient using the Smart card to purchase fuel, be it petrol or diesel.

NP-SL is commended for strictly implementing the laid down policy of giving preference to offering job opportunities to Sierra Leoneans instead of thinking of bringing in foreign expatriates. This policy is really in sync with the country’s Local Content Policy. The good thing about this policy is that it had and still continues to help in the area of poverty reduction. Lives have been improved as a result of the strict application of this policy.

When it comes to the execution of its Corporate Social Responsibility the company has been steadily rolling it out. The company was highly commended for joining the fight against COVID-19 by donating the sum of One Billion Leones to the National COVID-19 Response Centre in Freetown which was meant to be utilized by Government in its strides to subdue the new enemy in our midst.

NP-SL Ltd helped the National Fire Force (NFF), Kissy Branch, when in the not too distant past it facilitated the construction of a water facility from which water could be sourced to be used in extinguishing fire incidences within Greater Freetown. Considering the fact that water could be very difficult to access in the East End of Freetown the intervention of the company to salvage firefighters from the hassle of fetching water was widely commended. As a matter of fact it was not the first time that the company has come to the aid of the NFF.

The passion of the Shareholders of the company and its various Management teams to succeed and expand is truly evident in the opening of branches within the West African sub-region in countries like Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia. All these branches are vibrantly functioning and providing qualitative services to its numerous customers.

In all the countries where the company is operating it is paying huge taxes to the Governments. These taxes paid form part of the revenue bases of those countries and are used to finance certain development projects that are expected to positively impinge on the lives of the vast majority of the populace.

From the foregoing, it is very certain that NP-SL Ltd, based on the various services it is offering its numerous customers, is becoming very endearing to many as the clock ticks. Indisputably, the company has won the minds and likes of many and more and more individuals are becoming attracted.



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