At Africa Day Concert: Drizilik & Team Thrill Hard

Africa day celebrations

By Elisha Harding

Okay, Let’s go. Third time in a row. Are you ready now?

Africa day celebrations have a new vibe, aided and propelled by Sierra Leone English Idriss Elba and naturally as a vibrant musical nation acts get to represent us on that stage.

Drizilik, Ben ten over ten showed up and showed out as always.

When we touched down on arguably one of the biggest stages in global entertainment it was easy to see that because every act was considered VIP they got the best available packages and pampering. On such a day nobody would walk up to the stage and not blow the lights out.

Benji, as some of the close members of the team call him is the coolest calmest celebrity around the local scenes and I am sure one of the easiest VIPs the organisers hosted. How he remains this down to earth is still as unique as his style of singing.

Drizilik wowed the stage and the global audience and was especially particular about sounding local. Salone was truly represented on the African stage.

The management team of Eminence Africa would always mention how easy it is to work with Drizilik and how enthusiastic he seems about utilizing every opportunity that comes to grow and expand the brand.

Speaking after the performance Drizilik who was excited to have represented spoke on how the other bits of his performance made the appearance great. His dancers and those who took part in the choreographed bit of his performance.

He says this is the beginning of the journey. Many of us know he has come far and wonder if this still looks like a beginning point to him, what would the peak resemble.

At that level, with the level of accomplished acts and teams, the magnificence of the area and the wonderful delivery of his performance, we wait in bated breath for his next outing.

With his black leather jacket, his Ashobi, dark glasses and his ever cool demeanour Drizilik looks into a very bright future. Flying the green, white and blue, displaying the Shukubly and bringing more sparkle to the spikes that crown the E of Eminence Africa.

Africa day celebrations


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