Brewery Doles Le79.5M for Toilet & Water Well in Constituency 115 Schools

Unisa Conteh- SLBL and Hon. Alpha Bah

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) is currently supporting a water and sanitation project in Constituency 115 through the Honourable Member of Parliament, Hon. Alpha Bah.

The cost is Le 79,543,000 million to construct VIP Toilet and Hand Pump water well for two different schools within the constituency.

50 million Leones has already been disbursed to the MP and the remainder will be disbursed after the implementation reaches a satisfactory state.

This project is located at the old post-Ebola water and sanitation HAF project for schools which was previously handled by the former MPs of the then constituencies 97 and 98, Hon. Knox Sankoh and Hon. Karifala Conteh respectively but not properly implemented. It was allegedly mismanaged and the project was left in unfinished state. The remaining cash was therefore withheld by the SLBL owing to poor management and unaccountability on the side of the former MPs.

The remaining cash is what has now been disbursed to Hon. Alpha Bah who is tasked with completing the project
Brewery is Sierra Leone’s foremost producer of beverage and has been making considerable inroads in terms of satisfying its esteemed customers across the country. The company has been widely acclaimed for steadily rolling-out its corporate social responsibility especially within the Wellington Industrial Estate where it is located.

It could be recalled that the SLBL has been playing a key role in maintaining sanitation in its locality since its establishment.
The Sierra Leone Brewery as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in Wellington, where its factory is located has done much to develop communities including Peacock Farm. Such development interventions have been of great assistance to especially women and children.
Providing safe water and encouraging women’s participation in agriculture and other economic activities have been the main thrust of the SLBL over the years. The SLBL is ensuring through small water enterprises that businesses provide safe, reliable, affordable water to communities in need; agencies that create economic opportunities for women to create benefits to their communities and be able to contribute to the health and well-being of families.
Commendably, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited recently embarked upon an expansion and upgrading of its facilities up to the tune of Le 278 billion and it has been rated as one of the most expensive. It was another large investment of the company to the economy and manufacturing sector of Sierra Leone, which is a major step in the improvement of their facilities in their journey of reaching state-of-the-art status.
In the same vein, the SLBL quite recently collaborated with the Freetown City Council to support sanitation projects in Ward 406 worth over 400 million Leones through Heineken Africa Foundation (HAF) and also provided a Toyota Dyna van to collect and dispose waste.
The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL) is indeed making steady progress in its production chain. The company has been rated as one of the most progressive business entities that have been positively contributing to overall national development impacting meaningfully on the lives of many people.
In order to ensure that the company continues to meet the needs of its numerous esteemed customers in and out of the country it is heavily investing in both capital and human resources with the view to make use of latest machinery and best brains that will collectively add value to its production drive.
The SLBL can now boast of having increased fermentation tanks; an upgraded waste water treatment plant, mash filter equipment and cooling plants thus putting it on a better stead to produce qualitative and safe beverages which many have confessed are of high standards.
It should be mentioned that in addition to the many great things the SLBL is doing for the people of this country and in accordance with government policy, the SLBL is ensuring that in the provinces there are farmers who grow sorghum and the company is in close relationship with them going to the extent of continuously empowering them through trainings and inputs.
These sorghum farmers, who are over 25,000 in number, are steadily supplying the Brewery with the ingredients the company needs and by so doing they are becoming financially independent.
The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is tax compliant and is contributing towards local revenue mobilization that is helping government to have the financial muscle to fund different development programs across the country.
Of course it is an established fact that the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is contributing greatly towards overall national development that is impacting positively with regards improving standards of living; no wonder it is in the good books of every successive government.


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