CCSL Pronounces Prayer and Fasting for 7 Days

President Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, Bishop John K. Yambasu

By Edward Vamboi

On March 24 2020 the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone (CCSL) called on all members to observe 7 (seven) days of prayer and fasting to save Sierra Leone from the devastating Corona Virus pandemic.

During a press conference yesterday, 24th March at the CCSL headquarters in Freetown, the President of the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone, Bishop John K. Yambasu said they recommend Wednesday 25th to Tuesday 31st March 2020 for the fasting.

“In the Ebola era we prayed, and took prevention and care.  At this time we also call on all CCSL Member Churches to observe this.”

He pointed out that the Corona Virus is quite different from the Ebola virus saying someone will stand next to you looking hale and hearty only to be tested positive the next minute. “So we really have to be extra careful,” he admonished.

He also called on all constituent member Churches and the entire Sierra Leonean community to fully support Government’s directives on the prevention of the Corona Virus in Sierra Leone by strictly adhering to the following:

  • No worship services in all Churches till further notice
  • No weddings and funerals in religious places of worship
  • Safe and dignified funeral services must be limited to twenty-five persons and should be held at funeral homes or mortuary.
  • Wash our hands regularly (as often as possible) for not less than 20 (twenty) seconds.
  • All religious places to use Veronica buckets and water at all entrances.
  • Use sanitizers at all times
  • Avoid handshakes. Greet others by placing your right hand on your chest.
  • Cover up our mouth and nostrils when sneezing and coughing
  • Avoid crowded places.
  • Report to the nearest hospital if you have cold, flu or any unusual –symptom
  • Dial 117

On behalf of its Member Churches, CCSL records its apprehension and concern over the ongoing Corona Virus pandemic not sparing any country in the World.

He expressed thanks to God that He Has so far spared Sierra Leone. He added that CCSL is grateful with the assurances of preparedness given by the President and Officials of the Ministry of Health and Sanitation.

“However we are guided by the adage that “prevention is better than cure”.  During the outbreak of the Ebola Virus in Sierra Leone in 2015, the whole nation collaborated as a united front to fight the disease. In the same vein, the Council of Churches in Sierra Leone is appealing to all Sierra Leoneans to stand united in our fight against the Corona Virus pandemic.

He said all must observe the prescribed preventive measures for their continued safety individually as well as a nation.



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