GTBank Signs Star Zee & Drizilik as Brand Ambassadors

Head of Corporate Affairs, Arthur B. Kallon alongside Star Zee and Drizilik

By Joenal Sesay

The Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank) has on March 24th 2020 signed Linda Samai aka Star Zee and Benjamin George aka Drizilik as their newest brand ambassadors. The signing took place at the Bank’s premises on Wilberforce Street, in the central part of Freetown and was witnessed by staff, customers and fans.

GT Bank Corporate Affairs Officer, Tarah Majek Wansa disclosed that the agreement will last for a year subject to renewal.

According to Tarah the Bank did not set any condition for them to be ambassadors but they looked at their current performances and potentials to do more. She pointed out that GTBank believes in them and wants to be part of their growth. “We know with them we are likely to reach out to more people, as we intend to grow our retail footprint,” she affirmed.

Head of Corporate Affairs, Arthur B. Kallon maintained that over the years, the Bank has evolved into an industrial leader. He added that such is mainly attributed to the exceptional financial performance and support to other local industries hence, high customer loyalty and commendation from the public.

He furthered that GTBank has a Five (5) year plan to grow their retail footprint supported by the fact that the Bank of Sierra Leone has put in place a financial inclusion strategy.

Star Zee and Drizilik thanked GTBank for the gesture and described the signing as one that will boost their morale and that of the entertainment industry. They described the signing as an added responsibility to hold up the brand and that the Bank trusted them enough to do that. “GTBank is very inclusive; cares about the satisfaction and comfort of their customers/ clients and cater for every type of customer/client base.” Star Zee said.

Both artists intend to use their talents and other capabilities – one being influence on their audience, to help keep customers and bring new ones for the Bank.


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