CEMMATS Group Wraps Up Public Disclosures for ARISE IIP’s Koya Chiefdom Projects

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

CEMMATS Group has successfully finalized two rounds of public disclosures related to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) report for the ambitious projects undertaken by ARISE Integrated Industrial Platforms(IIP) in Koya Chiefdom  within the Port Loko District in accordance with the country’s legal provisions .

The validation of the ESIA report marks a significant milestone in paving the way for the realization of extensive industrial complexes by Arise IIP in that region. These forthcoming factories are poised to generate substantial employment opportunities, particularly for the burgeoning youth demographic of Sierra Leone.

The public disclosure events were held consecutively, with the first event taking place in Songo on August 23, 2023, followed by the second event in Port Loko on August 24, 2023. Notable attendees at the Songo Workshop included representatives such as the Chiefdom Speaker of Koya Chiefdom, acting on behalf of the Paramount Chief who is currently in London.

Additionally, the Member of Parliament (MP), Honorable Kanu, local Section Chiefs from the Babai and Modorma Sections within the project area, Town Chiefs from the five communities encompassing the project area, and leaders of youth and women’s groups from these communities were all present.

During the discourse, Honorable Kanu articulated his view that the project’s benefits extend beyond the confines of Koya Chiefdom, positively impacting the broader Port Loko District and contributing to Sierra Leone’s overall economic landscape. Kanu underscored that the venture’s potential to foster employment opportunities for the youth is complemented by its capacity to position Koya Chiefdom as a pivotal player within the national economy.

The commitment demonstrated by ARISE IIP to conduct a comprehensive Environmental and Social Impact Assessment was highlighted by Honorable Kanu as indicative of the company’s earnest intentions. He emphasized that ARISE IIP is not solely focused on reaping benefits from the region but is genuinely dedicated to enhancing the well-being of Sierra Leone’s populace.

Throughout the proceedings, the business entity elucidated their operational framework while CEMMATS provided detailed insights into the ESIA report.

Participants actively engaged in discussions, with inquiries predominantly centered on land acquisition, compensation for agricultural losses, employment prospects, and the envisaged community development initiatives that ARISE IIP is poised to implement within those localities.

The successful culmination of these public disclosure events marks a pivotal juncture in the journey of ARISE IIP’s transformative projects in Sierra Leone. As the nation eagerly anticipates the constructive developments that these initiatives will usher in, the commitment to sustainable growth and community well-being remains at the forefront of this collaborative endeavor.


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