GIC Gives Insurance Claims of NLe 61, 200 to Three Families

By Abubakarr Harding

One of the leading insurance companies in the country, Global risk Insurance Company (GIC) – SL Ltd recently presented Le 61.2 Million (NLe 61, 200) claims to the rightful claimants of three families comprising deceased Police Officers and a teacher respectively.

Support officer, Superintendent Alieu Sillah Kamara of Sierra Leone Police Divisional Headquarters in Lungi commended the insurance company for the move stating that it was his first time of witnessing an insurance company paying benefits to claimants of late customers of an insurance company.

The Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director of GIC, Paul Oparah, assured customers to do more to enhance their lives so that they can improve their full potentials and achieve their dreams to live comfortable lives with their families, as such is almost impossible to achieve in their daily lives considering the worldwide negative economic trends. He said that especially for the need for civil servants to be part of the scheme.

Paul Oparah disclosed that the company has branches in Makeni, Bo and Kenema with its headquarters on 2 Wellington Street in Freetown and started operations since 2020.

Paul Oparah disclosed that the late Private Constable (PC) Aminata Koroma, Private Constable (PC) Fayia Brima and Senior Teacher Idrissa C. Kamara joined the GIC eight months ago and were contributing regularly.

According to the Chief Executive Officer, several customers have benefitted from the loan scheme and claims, as the procedures were consistent in line with their policies and the deceased customers’ families, have received their benefits of over Three Hundred Thousand New Leones (Old Le 300,000,000) nationwide in public view.

He stated that the company’s loan scheme is in full operations and that they have started granting loans over a year ago to customers since 2021 as well as disbursing over Nine Hundred Thousand New Leones (Old Le 900, 000,000) to its customers nationwide.

He said that insurance has to do with human life as the company’s plan is to support families without requesting for collaterals as other institutions are doing, adding, “no one knows when death will come, life insurance contributions help us to show that we really love our families as the insurance company pays individual contributions with interest and it is the benefits GIC is paying the deceased families.”

He admonished all to join insurance schemes that give back great benefits for the future underscoring that people must utilize such services available around as the Government alone cannot provide them.

He encouraged the private sector to design services that will uplift the standards of living of the citizens, noting, “GIC as an institution is bent to improving the lives of all Sierra Leoneans that are eligible to make use of any of their policies”.

GIC Assistant Manager – Life Department, Ibrahim Sorie Sesay revealed that the Globalrisk Insurance Company has life insurance products such as: ‘Gentri’ Assurance Plan, Guaranteed Education Assurance Plan among others. He said the primary objective of the ‘Gentri’ Assurance Plan is to ensure that the policyholder lives a good life by making available loan facilities to  customers to acquire basic household assets, save for the future, as well as providing benefits for dependants in the event of death of the customer.

As for the Guaranteed Education Assurance Plan, he said, it helps customers save toward the future education of their children, as well as provide yearly financial support to the child up to 18 years in the event that the customer dies before then.

Ibrahim  Sesay stated that the Managing Director is a specialist in life insurance as he has several years of expertise in insurance schemes.

Saidu Kamara, husband of the Late Private Constable Aminata Koroma commended the company for its adherence to its obligations and agreement with its customers as the claims paid to them will go a long way to enhance and encouraged civil servants among others to join Globalrisk Insurance Company scheme with a minimum of NLE 100 (Le 100,000) monthly contribution.

The Late Fayia Brima’s daughter, Victoria Madie Brima, also lauded  the company for its compliance with  its policies and called on others to join the company.

Presentation of cheques climaxed the ceremony as the company’s officials  assured those present of the great benefits to be derived in joining the Globalrisk Insurance Company-SL Limited assuring that it is a true insurance company that adhere to its policies and displays in reality its obligations to the doorsteps of its customers.




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