Freetown Waste Transformers Build Capacities of Waste Collectors


By Abubakarr Harding

Waste collectors in Freetown completed a one day Capacity Building Workshop organized by the Freetown Waste Transformers (FWT) – in collaboration with the Freetown City Council (FCC) which was held on the 10th November 2022 at the FCC Conference Room,

Among the objectives of organizing the workshop was to assess the capacity of the Waste Collection Management Association (WCMA), with a view to restructure and introduce strategic reforms that would allow the Association to operate a functioning secretariat with a common objective of collectively advocating for the sustainability of the waste management sector.

Another key objective of the workshop was to understand the functions and purpose of industry associations and how these associations leverage on the opportunities made available to them.

During the deliberations, it came out that the waste management infrastructure is fraught with challenges occasioned by an inefficient waste collection system, especially within the Freetown Municipality. To that end, participants took part in a brainstorming session on what could be done to improve on waste collection and management in Freetown.

Participants also described the workshop as an ‘eye opener’ as they pledged to fully cooperate with the FWT, FCC and other sector players in ensuring a better waste collection and management regime in Sierra Leone.

About Freetown Waste Transformers:

Freetown Waste Transformers is an Organic Waste -to- Energy Solutions Provider in Sierra Leone. We take all your food waste and turn it into electricity, heat and fertilizer right at your location and cut costs on your energy and waste management bills.




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