Indian Community Funds Medical Treatment of 3 Year Old Child in India

Expending Over $20,000…


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

In a snap engagement, on the 24th March, 2023, with a cross section of the Press at the Choithram Head Office on Rawdon Street in Freetown, Harish Agnani, a representative of the Indian Community in Sierra Leone disclosed that the Indian Community in the country has positively responded to the plight of a three year old male child by the name of Alhaji Lamrana Jalloh, who is currently afflicted with a life threatening disease and therefore needs specialized medical treatment overseas, by raising funds to  foot all the medical expenses involved in his treatment as well as taking care of other attendant costs in India.

Other representatives of the Indian Community present during the engagement were Rajesh Balani, Manoj Rajwani from Emkay Stores, Devraj Budhuani from Guru Nanak Enterprise, Rohie from the Indian Mercantile Association, Harish Agnani from T Choithram as well as parents of the child and members of the Fourth Estate.

Harish Agnani continued by intimating that the parents of the three year old boy has ,in the past, taken the sick child to various medical facilities for diagnosis and treatment but lamented that all efforts proved futile as medical practitioners could not properly diagnose the ailment that the poor boy is suffering from.

He further informed that when a team of German doctors, through the pioneering work of the current Sierra Leonean Ambassador to Germany, Dr M L Baryor, in collaboration with the Bintumani Association, were in the country offering free pediatric treatment at the Choithram Memorial Hospital on Hill Station in Freetown, the 3 year old child was one of the patients they attended to.

He said it was then that it was diagnosed that the child is suffering from a life threatening illness and recommended for him to undergo surgical operations in India.

Harish added that the parents then approached a prominent Indian businessman who owns Balani and Sons Enterprise and appealed to him for assistance in order for the child to be treated as recommended. He revealed how the owner of Balani and Sons took up the matter with the Indian Community in the country asking them to come onboard and render assistance to the poor child.

“The Indian Community responded and raised the sum of  more than $20,000 which was then donated for the treatment of the child,” he informed further disclosing that already the medical fee of $16,000 has been remitted to the hospital in India that will partly fund the conduct two major  surgeries.

He also mentioned that return tickets have been bought, visas secured also expressing the view that in as much as it is speculated that the parents and the child will have to stay in India for a short while after the surgery they also decided to give an extra two thousand dollars to the parents for any unforeseen sundry expenses. However, one thousand dollars was given to the mother, who will be accompanying the child, during the engagement with the balance to be given later.

Harish Agnani pointed out that the Indian Community in Sierra Leone regards this country as their home as some of them have been in this country for quite a considerable period of time. He assured that they will do whatever they can to render assistance when and how the need arise further expressing hope and optimism that the child undergoes a successful medical treatment and returns in good health. He wished the family of the child good luck.

On his part, Rajesh Balani, son of the owner of Balani and Sons, recounted how the parents of Alhaji Lamrana Jalloh approached his father and made a passionate plea for assistance. He said as someone who also has a child it was really touching for them and so they decided to rally around the Indian Community for donations disclosing how the cooperation was fantastic. He thanked Harish Agnani for all the efforts he has made towards the treatment of the child also wishing the boy and his parents well.

A presentation of the tickets, documents and money to the parents was done by Harish Agnani. He said the child and parents will depart Sierra Leone for India on Sunday 26th March, 2023.

Mother of the child expressed profound thanks and appreciation, first to Pa Balani for coming to their aid and to the Indian Community for funding the medical treatment and especially to Harish Agnani for the coordination. She prayed and expressed hope that all will go on well and as planned.


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