Justice Minister Commended for Drafting the Constitutional Amendment Act 2022

In Addition to other Reforms…


Sierra Leone’s current Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohamed Lamin Tarawalley, within the shortest period  after his appointment, made indelible impressions with his notable achievements that have impacted the country’s legal and political development.

His tireless efforts in drafting the Constitutional Amendment Act 2022, in a fair and transparent manner, were recognized by the Speaker of the House of Parliament, Honourable Abass Bundu, who ruled that two-thirds majority votes cannot be determined by voice votes. The AG’s commitment to upholding the Constitution and ensuring that amendments are made in accordance with its guidelines showcases his dedication to serving the people of Sierra Leone.

He also introduced the Public Elections Bill 2022, which includes important pledges from President Bio’s ‘New Direction’ manifesto, such as the 30% Quota Bill for women and dual citizenship laws for Sierra Leonean Diaspora. The AGMOJ’s efforts in drafting and presenting the Bill have been remarkable, fulfilling the promises in the manifesto and giving the Diaspora a voice in Sierra Leonean politics.

The AGMOJ as the first defendant triumphed in the historic Supreme Court ruling on the PR system. Despite only having 10 days to prepare a defense against the originating Notice of Motion filed by the plaintiffs, the AGMOJ emerged triumphant, showcasing their unwavering dedication and prowess to do what is right for the people of Sierra Leone.



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