Kobi Walker Assures Employers Confidence in Sierra Leone

Kobi Walker

By Amin Kef Sesay

At a banquet organised by National Social Security and Insurance Trust (NASSIT) on Friday 25th October, 2019, Managing Director of National Petroleum Company Sierra Leone and Chairman for Sierra Leone Employers Federation, Kobi Walker, praised two indigenous companies for their effective performances.

Speaking to distinguished personalities during the banquet, he said that he was particularly exultant witnessing the inaugural employers’ banquet organised by NASSIT.  The objective, he disclosed, was to interface and engage the employers on pertinent issues regarding the obligations of both parties. Being strong partners with NASSIT, Sierra Leone Labour Congress (representing employees), etc Mr. Walker said the initiative comes in the wake of the recently ended Customer Week.

During the occasion, the “My NASSIT Companion” was also launched and this was disclosed will aid and guide employers in discharging their sacred obligations as enshrined in the NASSIT Act No. 5 of 2001. He also informed the guests about plans for a joint NASSIT and Employers Federation engagement which is designed to create awareness and to brief employers and employees on their various obligations as propagated in the NASSIT Act No. 5 of 2001 in the near future.

The “My NASSIT Companion” was circulated to members and it encouraged employers to use their Human Resource Departments to embolden their employees to update their records when necessary with NASSIT, i.e. addition to  family members, death, next of kin etc

“Our Federation will also engage NASSIT personnel to develop a channel of communication dialogue between NASSIT and Employers nationwide whereby issues can be proactively discussed and resolved to avoid penalties which include legal proceedings,” he stated.

He therefore notified the employers that NASSIT was like a regulatory body that deals with matters of non-compliance and adherences to the NASSIT Act No. 5 of 2001. In addition, he said the proposed engagement will speak for receipt of Members’ Statements from NASSIT which he promised to address and resolve in advance of their retirement.

Plans to address the situation of members retirement will also be addressed to resolve the issues relating to their former employers’ contributions, pensions etc. “As employers we are all aware that our biggest and best assets are our revered and venerated employees, it is therefore incumbent on us to ensure we pay the various contributions for our staff to afford them the opportunity of a decent pension when they retire even though some of them may not be tired,” he notified his colleagues.

As a result, Mr Walker assured members of the Federation that there will be effective collaboration with them as outlined and this will enable the pensioners or their next of kin to promptly receive their benefits including pensions which will serve as a testimony of the high quality, value added services offered by NASSIT, amidst applause.



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