NP-SL is a Propelling Force for National Developments

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd).

By Amin Kef Sesay

It is a well-established fact that the No 1 oil marketing company in the country, the National Petroleum Sierra Leone, is one of the propelling forces of  various emerging socio-economic developments that have materialized in all the places it is operating in country as well as in countries within the West African sub-region where it has branches. The selfless commitment of the shareholders of the National Petroleum Sierra Leone (NP-SL) has been a major factor driving the success of the company resulting to it employing and empowering hundreds if not thousands of hitherto those yearning for employment..

Talking about effective implementation of Local Content Policy, NP-SL stands tall as it is truly the only 100% indigenous company that employs 100% Sierra Leoneans as workers. This is one of the factors which has made the company a success story..NP-SL, by giving preference to employing Sierra Leoneans, gives a clear indication that it adheres to the country’s Local Content Policy as utilizing local talents makes it possible for indigenes to acquire useful knowledge and skills through training courses that could be applicable in other places.Furthermore, it has been discovered that the synergy that runs through management, staff and board members of the National Petroleum Sierra Leone (NP-SL) company is the reason why the company is contributing greatly to improving the lives of its workers and their dependents and also contributing to the company’s growth and the socio-economic development of the country at large.

The National Petroleum- Sierra Leone (NP-SL) is on record for having a capable and competent managerial team of Sierra Leoneans at the helm of affairs, which from time to time comes up with good initiatives, always ensuring that those initiatives are effectively and efficiently implemented to create value for money.

It is also on record that the National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited, apart from it being lauded for being one of Sierra Leone’s biggest tax payers, is also being lauded for its invaluable contributions towards building the country’s economy.

Apart from it having filling stations in various parts of the country, NP-SL also vibrantly functions in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia.This 100% indigenously-owned company has so far offered various jobs to residents in the afore-mentioned countries, thereby reducing poverty to a considerable level.

Since it was established by 35 Sierra Leoneans, who bought shares from the Government years back, the company has grown from leaps and bounds; weathering storms that would have run it down. But the resolve of its shareholders and Management to succeed has been the centre-piece that has propelled NP to a higher level, equal to none in the sub-region.

Asking those who really know NP, the feedback you get indicate that around its commitment to customer care, NP strongly believes that it must prioritize the offer of total satisfaction.NP has maintained a good business relationship with its numerous customers’ right across the sub-region where it exists and most consumers have confessed that they are realizing optimum satisfaction in dealing with NP.

The company deals with individuals and various sectors of society, always ensuring that its various petroleum products are available and are sold at affordable prices. This keen symbiotic relationship with its customers has been paying huge dividends, always resulting in a win-win situation, making NP very endearing to all and sundry.

The regulatory institution of the different petroleum companies in the country, the Petroleum Directorate, has also lauded NP in recent time for its efficient service delivery in its areas of operation.

The company is also known for offering Sierra Leoneans affordable NP Gas Cookers of various sizes, which are safe and very friendly to use. NP Gas cookers could be purchased at all their filling stations across the country and the very gas is also sold to replenish those that have been used.

Another most important feature of NP-SL is its smart cards which customers can use to make transactions very easily and conveniently. The company always ensures that petroleum products are always available, thereby preventing shortage that could create shocks in many quarters. The level of confidence which overseas business partners have reposed in the company has made it possible for it to enter into payment agreements thereby keeping the demand and supply chain open and running.

In addition, the company sells the best cooking gas that is available in hundreds of outlets across the country, thereby contributing to creating cleaner environments, thus aiding the work of EPA.

It can be safely said that the petroleum giant is a real propelling force for development.


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