NP-SL Makes it Feasible for Petroleum Products to be Accessed Easily Countrywide

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef-Ranger

It must be noted that as lack of access to petroleum products has debilitating effects on residents in different parts of the country there are few oil marketing companies that are very keen on making it feasible for residents in hard-to-reach areas to access petroleum products.

One of such companies is NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd), a marketing entity, which, over the years, has done extremely well in the direction of making it possible for the products that the company imports and markets to be accessible to all and sundry across the country.

On various occasions, NP- Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) had commissioned ultra-modern NP Filling Stations in different parts of the country during events in which community residents were engaged and fully participated in.

On those occasions, one thing that really came out vividly were that as a result of the poor road networks within districts residents have been experiencing acute shortage of petroleum products.

Most times community residents have expressed hope that with the timely intervention of the petroleum marketing entity, the narrative will change as the company will now be extending its services in another settlement where petroleum products are needed.

Speakers most often highlight how in most cases some people dishonestly create artificial fuel scarcity but hopes are being expressed that the Management of any new NP-SL outlet or Filling Station will not be a party to that menace but rather will work towards ensuring that their products and services are accessible to all even during times of crisis.

Profound appreciation have been expressed by residents in different parts of the country for the construction new Filling Stations in their settlements, adding that fuel scarcity had been a big challenge for them but said with the commissioning of the new Filling Stations they are of the strong conviction that those challenges will become things of the past.

The Proprietors and Dealers of the new NP Filling Stations have often expressed delight for partnering with the NP- (SL) Limited and commended the efforts of the  company’s Management for giving them the necessary support from the commencement of  construction work up to completion.

They are always delighted that the new Filling Stations create job opportunities for residents and beyond noting that they will also address the problem of fuel crisis that do arise circumstantially from time to time.

Prior to the establishment of Filling Stations in some parts of the country, there had been constraints in securing fuel in some parts of the country especially during times of crisis, a lacuna which gave some people the impetus to establish new Filling Stations always assuring residents that with the commissioning of the Filling Stations, scarcity will become a thing of the past.

Some of the storage facilities in the Filling Stations have the capacity of storing large quantity of petroleum products which could be enough to ward off any prevailing fuel crisis in townships and their environs of which residents could take ownership of, with the potential of creating job opportunities.

The result-oriented and charismatic Chief Executive Officer of NP-SL Limited, Kobi Walker, has always maintained that the company is committed to ensuring that petroleum products are easily accessible to residents in any part of the country and at the same time making sure that employment opportunities are provided.

As far as the CEO is concerned residents will never have to travel many miles away to procure petroleum products adding that the commissioning of the new Filling Stations is part of the company’s effort to optimize customer care, make their products and services available to residents at their doorsteps.

The CEO always reminds of how the company always imports qualitative petroleum products including petrol, diesel, gas, lubricants among which is the popular  Castrol Oil that is widely used for the good functioning of engines.

He most times encourages all to do business with NP-SL as the empowerment that the company is receiving from Sierra Leoneans through the purchase of their products is what they are giving back to society through job creation, and also empowering other Sierra Leoneans of which he said the commissioning of Filling Stations is a clear manifestation that the company is very committed towards the empowerment of every Sierra Leonean.

The CEO uses opportunities when Filling Stations are commissioned to always inform the public that the company also markets NP Gas, a cooker which is convenient for various cooking purposes. According to him, NP Gas is environmentally friendly, is quick in terms of performance and could be accessed at Filling Stations or through the company’s authorized dealers.

He most times encourages members of the public to make use of the NP Smart Card to procure fuel. According to him, it is a cashless way of transacting fuel transaction. As long as the Smart Card is loaded with money, the holder could use it to procure fuel and latter recharge for the next purchase.

Bike riders in various parts of the country have applauded NP-SL for commissioning Filling Stations in their localities most times stating that as bike riders they have been facing a lot of constraints in securing fuel furthering that they had to go miles away from just to secure fuel but said with new NP-SL Filling Stations being established such will surely address those fuel constraints experienced by residents in different localities.

It is worthy to note that NP-SL is a caring company with an intense passion to give utmost satisfaction to its cherished customers in all the nook and cranny of the country.

Whenever, an individual decides to invest in the petroleum trade by constructing a Filling Station, the individual must first approach the Management of NP-SL. The Management will, in turn, provide all the necessary technical specifications of the station must be built. Those specifications must sit well with the regulatory entity, the Petroleum Regulatory Agency (PRA).










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