NP’s Timeliness in Petroleum Importation Helps Greatly in Averting Shortages

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL-Ltd)

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

It is now an established fact that the proactive stance of NP(SL)Ltd in timely importing petroleum products that will last over time has been greatly helpful, over the years, to avert periodic shortages taking place that will lead to serious socio-economic dislocations that could degenerate into chaotic and volatile situations that maybe very inimical to progress  and overall development.

There is not a single iota of doubt that NP(SL) Ltd is a premier oil marketing company that has been doing extremely well in the areas of importing and marketing various petroleum products in the country, notably petrol, diesel, gas and lubricants of which the most outstanding is Castrol oil.

Without contesting the undiluted fact, this 100% indigenous company has left its footprint on the sands of time as it continues to bag wide commendations for its timeliness in always ensuring that qualitative petroleum products are imported into the country, distributed country wide to its sales points or Filling Stations across the country in order for its esteemed customers to easily gain access to them.

The company has never renege in doing so save only certain situations where, as a result of unforeseen contingencies, most often beyond its control, there has been some delay. However, in such circumstances measures are quickly rolled out to address them and restore normalcy in the supply chain.

It must be noted that for any petroleum marketing company to maintain such a solid and unshakable posture could only be attributed to prudent business management initiatives. Indeed, it could be said with all amount of certainty that the selflessness and dogged determination on the part of the 35 Sierra Leoneans who established the company have greatly influenced most of the policies that were adopted, effectively implemented which saw the transformation of a small business enterprise to a towering entity.

One of those laid down policies is that which places premium on enhancing or maximizing customer care to create a situation where its customers are always made to feel good and satisfied. The company’s Shareholders and Management are also conscious of the fact that by taking customer care to a higher pedestal such could serve as a leeway to attract other individuals to come on board its customer platform.

Indeed, it is in that light that a conscious move was made to make the company’s Filling Stations very attractive and welcoming. Built in state of the art fashion, painted with yellow and green paints, these sales points are very spacious to accommodate fleet of vehicles, are very eye catchy and in some of them there are shopping marts where customers could purchase basic items and even relax to socialize. As of now social gathering in those marts has been put on hold as social distancing has been recommended as one of the preventive measures put in place to avoid the spread of the deadly virus.

To promote transparency and win the trust of its numerous customers as well as match up with international standards, it was decided on the part of the company to invest so much in procuring and installing calibrated pumping machines. These have the capacity to pump the exact quantity of fuel in vehicles and containers to the utmost satisfaction of buyers. “I always feel gratified whenever I do purchase petrol at NP Filling Station because I am always satisfied that I am getting my money’s worth,” a banker divulged to this medium adding that the Managers of the company are doing a fantastic job,referencing the orderliness of how business transactions are taking place.

One very striking feature which NP-SL has so far exhibited, to the admiration of many, is its strict adherence to the country’s Local Content Policy. Development Economists have recommended that one viable route to be used to boost a country’s economy is to make effective use of indigenous resources, both material and human, as long as they are available. Enhancing local content has its attendant merits one of which is creating employment opportunities and ensuring that monies paid workers are not remitted overseas.

The NP-Sierra Leone Limited is one of the few companies in this country that has successfully implemented its internal policy of giving employment preference to Sierra Leoneans. This is indeed very impressive and is helping in major ways to reduce poverty.

If today NP Gas is going at the pace of the Concord, in terms of sales, then this is simply because it has been discovered that it is very fast, efficient and environmental friendly for cooking purposes. Besides, it can be refilled without going through the hassle of having to find gas elsewhere as the company markets gas alongside petrol, diesel and other lubricants. They are manufactured in different cylinder sizes and are easily accessible.

“NP Gas is my kitchen partner and I am finding it very cooperative. It is easy to handle and for me it poses no danger. I am therefore recommending it and for anyone to secure it there will be no regrets,” Mariatu Sesay a resident, living in Makeni recommended.

What is much talked about today, well not in social circles as social distancing is now the norm, is NP Smart Card. As the name suggests the card is so smart to such an extent that as long as it is loaded with money it can be slotted in the calibrated pumping machine and after demanding the amount of petrol or diesel requested for, it churns out the exact amount plus displaying the price. It is trending, secured and convenient to use.

“NP Smart Card works well and since I have been using it I always procure fuel for my car and generator in record time. Using it, there are many benefits one can derive,” a Civil Servant, Mohamed Jusu, underscored.

The company does not joke with rolling out its Corporate Social Responsibility fully aware that it is incumbent on it as a business entity to give back to society. This is all the more reason why it has been complementing the Government’s development interventions. The Shareholders and Management have always stood by the side of Sierra Leoneans in thick and thin always endeavouring to give succour and deepen development. The good things it had done are so many to catalogue and time plus space could not permit one to narrate all of them.

“This shows that the company is a responsible business entity,” an official of the Petroleum Regulatory Agency commended.

The company stands tall for having vibrant branches operating in Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where they are operating efficiently, offering jobs and paying taxes to Governments. NP-SL is indeed a force to reckon with and is poised to further make its presence felt and expand its operations.


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