Saio Koroma Calls on Government for Agricultural Support

    During the Harvesting period in Kondembaia village, Diang Chiefdom

    By Karifa Kello Thoronka

    Saio Koroma, the Chief Executive officer of Malondifeh Farmers Association who is also a senior motor Mechanic in Freetown has revealed that Agriculture is the bed rock of development in any society. He vowed to invest in Agriculture to rescue his people from hunger disclosing such during the rice harvesting by the Malondifeh Farmers Association in Kondembaia village, Diang Chiefdom, Koinadugu district in January this year.

    In an exclusive interview with the CEO of Malondifeh Farmers Association Saio Koroma he said  his passion for Agriculture is very high and he is ready to pursue  farming activities in Koinadugu district as a way of complementing the agenda of the new direction in Sierra Leone. He mentioned by saying that one of his reason why he decided to start such project is to encourage his people in Diang Chiefdom to invest in Agriculture as they strongly believe and depend on mining activities rather than farming which he think cannot help them in addressing hunger in the village and the district as a whole.

    Outlining some difficulties which the Association is facing the Secretary General, Daniel Kerah, says that though there is a lot of progress ongoing but the Association is facing more constrains with regards having more tractors, combine harvesters and sometimes lack of man power in order to make the work more flexible and productive than before.

    Daniel Kerah furthered by noting that they are ready to add more efforts towards the Association. “I studied Agriculture in University so I am prepared to deliver the best for my people,” he says. He ended appealing to individuals and companies to support the project.

    Appreciating the good initiative of Saio Koroma, one of the sons of the soil who has also benefited from the farming activities, Fatmata Kamara, expressed her wiliness to always make herself available whenever she is needed to assist on the farm.


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