Sick Pikin Project Facilitates Hernia Surgery on Hassan Bangura

Sick Pikin Project

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

One of the latest beneficiaries of the Sick Pikin Project, Hassan Kamara, successfully underwent a hernia surgery, thanks to the lead surgeon Dr. Aiah Lebbie and God almighty.

In light of the good outcome, the Sick Pikin Project International is extending its deepest gratitude to the Management and Staff of Rokel Commercial Bank and Vista Bank Ltd for their relentless efforts and commitment to ensuring that Hassan’s surgery becomes successful.

According to the Management of the organization, because of the willingness, on the part of the Banks,  to allow us them place their donation boxes at their branches around the capital Freetown that made it possible to be able to raise the money needed for the surgery

Hassan’s burden has been lifted and he’s now medically fit to do things he couldn’t do some time ago when he had the hernia, which disturbed his social lifestyle.

The Sick Pikin Project said it wishes to re-echo their voices on their pursuit and that with their collaborative efforts they can make the impossible possible and give their children the life they deserve.

According to the Management, as Hassan’s life has been saved, people must also not forget the many cases that they have on their list that need urgent attention.

The Lead Campaigner of the Project says all can be part of a meaningful and worthwhile cause by volunteering or donating to The Sick Pikin Project International as donations/contributions go directly to the fight in saving lives and restoring hope. Contacts are: Tel: +23276722736/+23276793010


Address: 19 Savage Street, Freetown


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