Sierra Leone Civil Servants Appeal for Five Months Backlog Salaries

His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio

By Penpusher Sesay

Life has become unbearable, frustrating, disappointing, hopeless for certain civil servants whom have waited patiently for five months now without receiving salaries from the Government. It all started during a last year verification exercise of all government workers conducted by the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) geared towards weeding out ghost workers and put a stop to those that are receiving salaries from two or more sides from the same Consolidated Revenue Fund.

During the exercise they discovered that there was a mismatch of names. That is to say the information which is on a person’s voter ID is quite different from what is mentioned in the Government voucher or Accountant General’s office. For instance in the voter ID a person’s name could be Saidu Conteh but in the payroll he is answering to the name Mohamed Kamara.

This situation is becoming appalling for these affected civil servants who are still working and serving the government zealously and genuinely with broken and stressful minds.

Since May 2019, these affected Government workers cut across the teaching profession, the Army, the Sierra Leone Police, Prisons  also affecting medical practitioners, and host of others who are eagerly waiting and anticipating for grace to befall them. But it seems as if their hopes and anticipations are hinged on mosquito’s legs.
The suffering of these affected workers keep on piling and becomes worsen as the day passes by.

According to one affected soldier who pleaded for anonymity he said t they are planning to meet the Father of the Nation, His Excellency Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, to appeal to him to put smile to their wrinkled faces.

Still and all, they’re appealing for their plight to be addressed and paid without fail by the end of October 2019 as they are perishing in silence.


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