As the world celebrates the International Nelson Mandela Day on July 18, the Save Salone Movement supports the Transform Freetown Project by cleaning the central business district of the city. The cleaning exercise was done by Save Salone Movement in collaboration with ‘Push-carts’ youths around Freetown. Strategic areas (which are the key landmarks of the City of Freetown) were chosen for this exercise. They include the Sierra Leone National Museum, the Freetown Cotton Tree, the Taylor Cummings Garden, State Avenue and front of the Criminal Investigation Department  (CID) Headquarters.

Speaking to this media, the Founder and Director of Save Salone Movement, Murtala Mohamed Kamara says the initiative is in line with the Transform Freetown project by the Freetown City Council, “We are doing this to complement the efforts of the Freetown City Council and the government to transform the city. And one key component of this transformation is the cleaning aspect. This is why the Save Salone Movement mobilizes the ‘Push-carts’ youths to undertake this activity.”
He noted that this is not the first time his Movement is contributing to national development. In recent past, the Save Salone Movement has supported Free Quality Education program of the government, where they donated learning and teaching materials, scholarships and other supports to the Kroo Bay Community, the Motormeh Regent community and more. The Movement was founder in 2017 specially to use media advocacy for national development.

The Save Salone Movement donated dozens of hand gloves, nose pads, and other incentives to these ‘Push-carts’ youths, with plans to design programs to engage them to develop themselves and the nation. The Movement is working on to establish an association and provide skills training programs and also help them with business supports. The Movement is calling on all Sierra Leoneans and philanthropists across the world to support this initiative. There were over 20 youths drawn from different backgrounds in Freetown.

In thanking the Save Salone Movement, the Chairman of the ‘Push-carts’ youths, Mr. Desmond George expressed his appreciation for the donations and supports they are getting from the Movement, but calls for more supports. “We are happy that the Founder of Save Salone Movement is transforming our lives by empowering us. Others are neglecting us but he is adding value to us. But we need more supports”, he said.

The Educationist of the Sierra Leone National Museum, Olivette L. Barnette expresses her appreciation for the Save Salone Movement in keeping the Museum and it’s environs clean and healthy. “We are extremely happy for the services the Save Salone Movement is rendering to this historic site, especially in celebrating the life of a great African hero – Nelson Mandela. This is not the first time the Movement is supporting the Sierra Leone National Museum. We are grateful for their continued supports,” said Mrs. Barnette.
She further explains the importance of the International Nelson Mandela Day, “We celebrate this day to encourage people to emulate the good works of a Pan African hero.” It is also important for us to undertake community development services.”

According to Murtala, they chose to undertake this cleaning exercise to remind Sierra Leoneans about the life and contributions of the former South African President and the Apartheid hero, Nelson Mandela, to the African continent and the world at large. According to him, this will develop the culture of celebrating our heroes and heroines. July 18th was set aside to celebrate the life of Mandela globally.



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