Using Political influence for self-aggrandizement

Abdulai Jawara who escape from the purge

The notorious Sierra Leone Peoples’ Party (SLPP) politician, S.B Marah, who happens to be the Leader of the House of Parliament and Head of Government Business, is once more in the news for what many has described as using political influence to bulldoze the human rights of the downtrodden.
Marah, who hails from Kabala district, Northern Sierra Leone, is not in the least loved by his tribesmen simply because of his high handedness and his lust for cheap popularity tainted with his insatiable quest for financial exploitation.
His latest move was his attempt in engaging in illicit mining of gold within Mousara Village in Kabala, which in no way will benefit the residents in that part of the country but only himself. As a result of that, Paramount Chief Jawara resisted and he was supported by the majority. They insisted that they will not accept Marah’s move to do mining in what they consider to be their territory vowing how they will stoutly stand their ground.
To the utter surprise to most of the residents of Mousara, Marah hired thugs to invade the territory to tell the people that he is a powerful politician. Very quickly the whole situation degenerated into full-fledged chaos and anarchy during which some people were killed. What Marah subsequently embarked on was to eliminate the Paramount Chief, his brother and other members of his family to which he somehow succeeded.
It could be recalled that it was this same S.B Marah who at one point in time slapped a traffic Police Officer in Freetown simple because his car was stopped in traffic. In a crude manner he was trying to relay the message that he is above the law. His action drew widespread condemnation and flared up indignation from the public as well as denting the image of the SLPP Government, headed by President Ahmad Tejan Kabbah.
Matters became worse for others of the Jawara family who could not escape more so when Kaifala Marah, who also comes from Kabala, was appointed as a Minister. He too replicated what S.B Marah wanted to engage in, that is mining of gold, early in 2015. The people again resisted with the full support of the then Paramount Chief. Since the chieftaincy family is headed by the Jawara family they were therefore targeted and secretly eliminated. They died under mysterious circumstances instilling fear in the minds of those who survived the purge including a young boy by the name of Abdulai Jawara whose uncle helped him to seek refuge in neighboring Guinea.
Investigation mounted by this medium has revealed that the lives of prominent members of the Jawara family are under serious threat and jeopardy within the country more so in Kabala.
The two scenario narrated above are clear indications of how certain politicians do use their influences to lord it,with reckless abandon, over ordinary folks thereby violating their fundamental human rights. They care less about furthering the interests of their people but only interested in personal aggrandizement.

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