Why Do Most People Go for NP-SL Petroleum Products?

National Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited, NP (SL-Ltd).

By Amin Kef Sesay

Right on top of the petroleum marketing companies operating in the country is the National Petroleum (NP) SL Limited which has been commended for exceedingly doing well and positively contributing towards the socio-economic development of the nation in diverse ways. Blessed with a result- oriented managerial team, guided by an efficient Board, the company keeps growing from strength to strength amidst teething challenges it had been and is still facing.

Owned mainly by Sierra Leoneans, originally thirty five (35) of them who were the founding fathers, the company started from a humble beginning to become one of the towering successful business ventures that now has Filling Stations in different parts of the country and branches in the West African countries of Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia where it is efficiently marketing petroleum products and at the same time offering various services all geared towards satisfying the petroleum needs of individuals and institutions.

One good thing which NP-SL has mastered over the years and for which it has etched a sound name in the sands of time is that which has to do with effective customer care delivery, earning it the good reputation of 1st for Customer Care.

At all times the company’s shareholders and managers ensure that the petroleum needs of individuals and institutions are timely met in a very transparent manner. It is against such a backdrop that the company invested in the importation and installation of latest calibrated pumping machines that exactly pump the right quantity of petroleum product, be it petrol or diesel that is demanded for and at the same time display the prices. With these state of the art calibrated machines the fear of the company’s esteemed customers of being cheated by pump attendants is always allayed giving them the confidence that they are dealing with a trusted business entity.

Still within the realm of giving optimal satisfaction through good customer care, the company has always entertained recommendations and swiftly responded to concerns raised. Some of these recommendations are taken into consideration when formulating policies.

The 100% indigenous company has been steadily adhering to the country’s Local Content Policy which makes provision to give preference to Sierra Leoneans when it comes to employment. It is indeed a laid down policy on the part of the company to employ Sierra Leoneans instead of considering giving jobs to foreigners. Such a policy has helped greatly and still continues to do so with regards poverty alleviation. Gainfully employed, these Sierra Leoneans are now at vantage positions to financially take care of personal and family responsibilities which hitherto they were unable to do as a result of being unemployed.

To simplify transactions at the company’s Filling Stations it was thought prudent to introduce what is now fast becoming popular, NP Smart Card. With this latest innovative device customers can procure petroleum products at ease making it possible to avoid moving around with huge amounts of money. This is very much important when cognizance is taken of personal safety, security and having to make periodic withdrawals from the Bank in order to have money out of which petroleum products could be bought.

Still with the view of optimizing customer care, the company introduced a cooking device, NP Gas, which is easy to use and has a high performance in terms of quickness as well as being environmentally friendly as it is less hazardous. There are different cylinders of NP Gas and they could be procured at the company’s various Filling Stations all going at affordable prices

To make things further simpler the company operates mini marts at some of its Filling Stations where individuals could buy provisions and other basic items. Such, most times save individuals from the hassle of having to go to supermarkets in town to get those basic items.

Mending and changing of vehicle tyres are sometimes done at Filling Stations. These are services that are very much important as they make it possible for drivers to be on the move.

It has been well established that NP-SL imports and markets high grade petroleum products including petrol, diesel, lubricants, gas etc. Indeed the company is exceptionally doing so well with precision and in timely ways that gives utmost satisfaction to many. It truly deserves the accolade: 1st For Customer Care.


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