New England Ville Police Station & Scouts Association Undertake Cleaning Exercise


By Millicent Senava Mannah

The New England Ville Police Station, in collaboration with Sierra Leone Scouts Association and the community traders, organized a cleaning exercise at the station and the surrounding Ministries at New England Ville. This took place on Saturday the 4th of February 2023.

The New England Ville Police Station, Officer Commanding, Monica Emelda Johnson, intimated that, when she took up office six months ago, she noticed how there were dirt piling up in the surrounding of the station. According to her, one of her initiatives was to clean the environment.

She intimated that the cleaning exercise was in line with their Station’s forth coming Awards Night and Party further maintaining that it is the social responsibility of everyone to clean their environment and not to wait for the Government to do so.

Officer Commanding the New England Ville Police Station stated how it is not just about dressing decently to go to work, but to ensure their environment should also be clean. She said that all the sections in the station were cleaned including the detention room.

She said she will be happy if other stations will take up the same cleaning exercise or such venture to clean their communities, instead of waiting on Government.

The Administrative and International Commissioner, Sierra Leone Scouts Association, Patrick J. Massaquoi, informed that the cleaning exercise was essential and how as an organization teaching people to become better citizens it is a welcome idea to clean the surroundings.

He continued that when the administration of the aforementioned Station approached them they saw such as a motivation and a collaborative effort to keep the environment clean.

Abdul John, Freetown City Council, Ward 435 Secretary, stated that, he is hoping that there is sustainability of the cleaning exercise, and how it is his responsibility to maintain that.



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