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Optimizing Customer Satisfaction is Brewery’s Mission

The Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has etched its name in the sand of times as one of the most vibrant business entities rated to be a success story in terms of positively contributing to national growth in diverse ways. The Company is the leading brewer of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages, such as Beer, Maltina, Guinness Stout, Mutzig etc that have become the favorites of citizens and non-citizens. Customers of Brewery have copiously heaped showers of praises on the company for qualitative brewing of drinks which many have confessed gives them optimal pleasure and satisfaction when consuming various brands.
Mindful of maximizing customer satisfaction the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited over the years have been making positive strides to efficiently enhance its production chain. It has financially invested hugely in procuring state of the art machinery matching international best standards. This is evident in increasing its fermentation tanks, upgrading its waste water treatment plant, mash filter equipment, CO2 and Cooling plants, and making use of latest technological machinery.
Exemplary, SLBL has been rated as one business entity in this country that has been executing the Local Content Policy very seriously and doggedly sticking to it thereby promoting empowerment and enhancing poverty reduction. Sorghum is an integral ingredient that is used in the production of the company’s cherished beverages. Today there are over 25,000 Sorghum farmers in different parts of the country that are cultivating the product and selling their produce to SLBL. The company has been empowering these farmers with the avowed objective of making them more productive and self-reliant. Without any gainsaying the symbiotic business relationship between Brewery and these farmers is greatly helping in the area of poverty reduction especially when cognizance is taken of the fact that most of them are presently experiencing improved standards of living.
This medium is very mindful of the fact that the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is standing tall in the realm of effectively and commendably churning out its Corporate Social Responsibility that have been meaningfully impacting the lives of residents within the Wellington Industrial Estate where the company is located and even beyond. Health facilities, taps, offering of scholarships to deserving pupils and students, offering of employment opportunities, youth empowerment, supporting social activities form a small portion of what the company has offered and still continues to do all in a bid to complement Government’s development interventions.
It is widely known that one of the major sources where Government derives revenue to undertake development programmes is through tax mobilization. Amazingly, the Sierra Leone Brewery Limited is one of the largest tax payers to the National Revenue Authority and it is doing so in a timely manner.
To further improve the efficiency of its bottling operations and to ensure its service to its revered customers, Sierra Leone Brewery Limited has just completed an extensive overhaul and maintenance to its bottling plant. The project, which immediately follows the most expensive brewery expansion and upgrade in facilities, is another large investment of the company in the economy and manufacturing sector of Sierra Leone.
Many were delighted that the SLBL conducted a massive overhaul and extensive maintenance of their machines based on planned schedule, manufacturers’ recommendations and international standards.
In order to ensure efficiency the company employed the services of Krones, a German firm that specializes in the supply and modernization of plants, together with a large team of SLBL’s locally trained Sierra Leonean engineers that conducted the process which was completed in the first week of February.
It is good news that maintenance and high standards are part of the company’s culture. The objective was to renew the packaging equipment based upon international best practice and manufacturing excellence principles. With this, the upgraded bottling line is now more efficient and capable of producing more products with the same high international standards now and in the upcoming years which the company’s revered consumers will continue to be proud of.
The company’s canning line is functioning effectively and subscribers are gradually getting used to the drinks it is producing. It has noted however that the temporal halt in bottled drinks production as a result of the overhaul has created a slight shortage of the company’s bottled products.
However many appreciated when the company assured that their brand new canning packaging line that was recently commissioned is in perfect working order and stocks from the canning line are now filling any shortage that emerged.
With no iota of exaggeration the Sierra Leone Brewery Company is an entity that continues to climb higher heights, will further win the minds of many and meaningfully contribute to overall national development.
Indeed, SLBL will continue to maximize customer satisfaction. Sierra Leone Brewery Limited planted its roots in the field of manufacturing alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages to consumers over 57 years ago. The establishment has continuously expanded its product range through innovation to meet customer satisfaction at all levels. Their endeavor is to establish not just a contractual relationship with our stakeholders but to build relationships which are lasting and rewarding to the country and to contribute to the growth of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).
All their products are certified and following all the regulations as per approved local and international standards. SLBL manufactures Star Beer, Mutzig Premium Beer, Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Salone beer, Trenk Energy Drink and Maltina Non-Alcoholic. We also market Heineken Beer, Strong Bow Cider, Fayrouz malt none alcoholic drink, Royal Club range of soft drinks and Climax Energy Drink.

Finance Minister Joins Youth Ministry On Youth In Entrepreneurship National Dialogue

(l-r) Finance Minister, Acting Youth Minister and Deputy Information Minister

Jacob Jusu Saffa who is the Minister of Finance joined the Ministry of Youth Affairs during the first Youth in Entrepreneurship Project National Dialogue Forum in Sierra Leone.
The ceremony which took place at the Atlantic Hall, National Stadium Hostel in Freetown was graced by the Minister of Trade and Industry-Hon. Peter Bayuku Conteh, Deputy Minister of Information and Communication-Lawyer Solomon Jamiru, Deputy Minister of Political and Public Affairs-Amara Kallon, Commissioner of NAYCOM-Ngolo Katta, National Youth Service Executive Director-Pateh Bah and over 70 youth groups across the country among host of others.
Speaking on the theme: “Promoting Youth Entrepreneurship in Sierra Leone,” the Acting Minister of Youth Affairs, Hon. Lusine Kallon, said the move is appropriate and timely because “we want to cater for every category of youth despite your region, religion and political affiliations.”
The dialogue session, according to the Acting Minister, will help the Ministry to record the different types of businesses in which the youth were engaged in.
He added that the discussion with the various youth groups and other successful entrepreneurs will help the Government to assess the challenges facing youth entrepreneurship.
In his assuring commitment, the Finance Minister said the Government is willing and ready to provide the funds necessary for the development and empowerment of the youth.
Whilst defining the term ‘entrepreneurship,’ Hon. J. J Saffa said youth entrepreneurship is a process through which young people engaged in doing business.
He emphasized that entrepreneurship is the process of designing or running a new business, which is often initially a small business. He noted that the people who create these businesses are called entrepreneurs.
He therefore encouraged the youth to embrace the initiative to better their living standard/s and contribute meaningfully to nation building.
“This project does not want to know whether you are an APC or SLPP but as long as you are a strategic business person the youth entrepreneurship project is for you,” the Finance Minister said.
Minister Saffa noted that President Julius Maada Bio’s promise on youth empowerment has been fulfilled as those in the Senior Secondary Schools, tertiary institutions and universities have already benefited from the President’s promise. He said after graduation they will be the next set of young entrepreneurs.
The Trade and Industry Minister pledged his Ministry’s unflinching support to the project. He said this will put premium on capacitating local entrepreneurs in line with the local content policy.
The Deputy Minister of Information and Communication-Solomon Jamiru said youth unemployment affects all African countries including Sierra Leone. He stressed that the only unique distinction is that under the New Direction, President Bio has made frantic efforts to reverse the ugly trend.
The project is expected to be launched by President Julius Maada Bio to give it a national face.

Heads to roll in Housemates Salone Reality TV Show

It has now become very apparent that in the ongoing Housemates Salone 2019 Reality TV Show there are more heads to roll. The last eviction that took place on Sunday 3rd March 2019 was the second eviction in the 8 weeks competition that will end mid -April 2019.As the days go by definitely there will be further evictions until the competition reaches its climax with an emerging winner who will deservingly bag the prestigious Le 100,000,000 star prize. For now the vast majority of the populace are speculating and conjecturing which Housemates will be evicted and those that will survive but what is certain is the indisputable fact that all of the current competitors are in a state of suspense. Conscious of the trend the competition is taking all of them are trying tooth and nail to capture the minds and hearts of viewers that watch the show on AYV TV Channel 34 and the wider public to cast their votes for those they favour via Africell No: 5500.
The Africa Young Voices (AYV) and Africell came together to organize Housemates Salone 2019, with the intention to provide entertainment and signicantly creating the platform for youth empowerment in the direction of natural self-expression, exposing innate talents and acquisition of new skills.
Presently, the Housemates are benefitting from experience gaining generated by interviews, lectures, artistic displays, social interactions etc.
It has been attested that these Housemates will gain incisive insights into different aspects of life that will give them an edge to be sourced by certain investors.
Housemates Salone has become viral and is on the lips of Sierra Leoneans from different walks of life who are expressing divergent views about the performances of the contestants.
The organizers of the Reality TV Show, AYV and Africell, have exhibited the competence to package the show investing millions of Leones in making it happen.
For such an achievement, both institutions have been widely commended and many have called on other institutions to provide a similar platform for the empowerment of young people.
From what was gathered there will be more unfolding fun that will continue to thrill viewers.
Heads are bound to roll as the competition progresses.
Who will really turnout to be the fortunate winner could be anybody’s guess. But for now Housemates Salone 2019 is a novelty.

NP Ranks 1st for Customer Care

The National Petroleum (NP) Sierra Leone Limited has been rated as a business entity that is first in terms of customer care. Dealing in various petroleum products, the company has been widely acclaimed for the cordial, smart and efficient manner in how it is treating its numerous customers in different parts of the country.
The company has become very endearing simply because their dedicated staffs are trained to respond to the needs of customers. Giving satisfaction to customers forms a cardinal objective of NP and from what was learnt it has been maximizing that very well.
It is on record that certain Ministries, Departments, Agencies, Non-Governmental Organizations and private institutions have Memoranda of Understanding with NP bordering on supplying their vehicles fuel and payment made later. This hire purchase agreement is a true manifestation of how the company is geared towards being customer friendly and it is a business strategy that has helped in the areas of increased capital base and expansion.
NP-SL has been lauded for its strict adherence to business principles and ethics which has contributed to catapulting it to the enviable position that now occupies.
Investigations mounted revealed that one of the secret behind the success of NP-SL is the fact that the entity has been blessed with successive capable Management teams that have been injecting fine initiatives that are yielding fruitful dividends.

NP has a rich and interesting historical background worthy of note. Narration reveals that the former British Petroleum (BP) Company decided to sell its shares to the Government of Sierra Leone that was in existence at that time.
In 1996 the Government sold its 60% shares in BP to some of the company’s members of staff. 55 % was paid upfront from the end of service benefits of the workers from BP and the 5% offered to all the other workers. Thus a new company known as LEONEOIL started operations.
It was the World Bank that proffered advice for the privatization of the company. The 55% sale of Government shares to NP therefore came as a result of the World Bank’s admonition. 4 companies took part in the bid, but it was LEONOIL that won the international competitive bidding that was conducted by Arthur De Little (a United States based Management consultancy firm). LEONEOIL later on metamorphosed into NP, meeting all the set criteria.
It was understood that the members of staff were very serious and capable enough to properly manage the company to such an extent that, unlike others, it survived most of the challenges that it had encountered.
It was learnt that the 40% PMMC’s stake in the company, owned by the late Jamil Sahid Mohammed and Tony Yazbeck, was given as collateral for a loan from a Bank by one of the parties.
Jamil Sahid Mohammed, later sold to Cape Oil PMMC’s 40% shares to offset a fidelity loan, but LEONE OIL was not satisfied with that move and took the matter to court on the grounds that it was in violation of the M and A, which dictates that the other side has the first option to buy. The outcome of the matter was that the High Court gave judgement in favour of LEONE OIL.
Certain people are saying that NP is eclipsing other companies in the petroleum market in the country, but such is a falsehood, as it was ascertained that there are other Companies marketing petroleum products that are registered with the Petroleum Agency.
Another thing worthy of consideration is that Petro-Leone is a storage company that was established by both Addax and Leone Oil (NP) so that petroleum products will always be available in the country and avert shortage.
The company so far has provided job opportunities for many individuals both in this country and Liberia.
NP undoubtedly continues to heighten its customer care and it has become the darling of many.

Improved electricity supply Impresses Bo Residents

Two of the Caterpillar Machines supplying 24/4 electricity

Residents of Bo district are pleased to be enjoying improved electricity supply. President Julius Maada Bio’s promise of providing quality and affordable electricity supply is yielding a successful dividend in the southern city of Bo, where the people have acclaimed his Government for providing improved electricity supply. The electricity supply success story in Bo City is driven by EMCO Construction and Logistics Limited, which prides itself to be one of the best Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the electricity sector. The company has since its inception last year, massively improved electricity generation thereby benefiting thousands of households.
EMCO’s two brand new Caterpillar generators have increased the mega wattage and company officials have promised further increase in the coming months.
The Logistic Manager Sahr Abu Sam in an interview pointed out that, they have being in charge of generating electricity and supply to EDSA since the current administration acceded power in April last year. Our machines are up and running 24/7 round the clock; but it is EDSA that determines what goes out to the public and the area(s) they are supplying electricity, Mr. Sam said.
We don’t have control over the supply of light to the township but believe you me, any area(s) that get light based on their schedule fully enjoy the facility, he added. The EMCO strongman said, they always ensure that there is adequate fuel supply in the bowser capable of containing 22,000 litres of fuel. “The people of Bo Town are enjoying considerable supply of electricity at the moment as compared to before now,” said Sahr Abu Sam.
However, he furthered that, the challenge is for EDSA to improve on the distribution network in the entire township. The EMCO Construction and Logistics Manager explained that most of the distribution lines are old and as a result of that, people experiencing drops along the supply chain or called it leakage which is responsible for the fluctuation of electricity supply in some areas. In some other areas, the light is dim because of the drop in voltage. The solution he said is squarely rest on the shoulders of EDSA.
Sahr Abu Sam furthered that as an IPP entity, they are working assiduously alongside an Italian mechanical engineer based in Sierra Leone to get the other four Allen Machines running and hope that by the end of the year all of the plants will be in operations. If, we’re able to achieve that, then the supply of electricity will improve considerable for the entire township and its environs.
An entrepreneur running business at the city centre, Madam Agnes Sandi gave glory to God and the Rtd. Brig. Julius Maada Bio SLPP led government for the improvement of electricity supply which she noted is also helping to enhance commerce.
Agnes Sandi noted that she had spent huge sums of money in the past in a bid to get sustainable amount of electricity supply buying fuel and for the maintenance of her generator.

ACC Trains Recruited NMA Staff on Upholding Ethics & Integrity

Francis Ben Kaifala

The Anti- Corruption Commission on Monday 4th March 2017 provided training for newly recruited staff of National Minerals Agency (NMA) at the Ministry of Mineral Resource Conference Room, Yoyui Building Brookfield. The training was based on upholding Ethics and Integrity in the work place.
In his opening statement Mohamed Bah, Chief Supervisor of Mines said they decided to call on the ACC to train the targeted beneficiaries on the above subject matter in order for them to understand more about corruption and how it can destroy a nation. “As a transparent institution we want to go along with the President’s agenda in the fight against corruption and indiscipline,” he maintained adding that the mineral sector is key in developing the country.
In his presentation Musa Kanteh of the ACC said Ethic and Integrity issues are those that have to do with morality in the work place as well as code of conduct.
He stated that fraud, stealing, deception, bribery which include demanding /offering, abuse of power are all issues of immorality and form parts of corruption.
Highlighting some of the underlying reasons, Musa Kanteh noted that unethical, improper moral conduct could be as a result of financial gains, lack of ethical values, influence of one’s immediate supervisor, poor supervising and monitoring, lack of a solid system of control/ laid down standards and procedures which may lead to discrepancies .
On the issue of gift he stated that no public officer or State employee should receive, accept seek or solicit directly or indirectly, anything of economic value as a gift or gratuity from a person if it is reasonably expected that the gift gratuity or favor would influence decision, votes, judgment or action.
He ended by saying sometimes giving a gift could be considered as a corruption in the public sector but also classed as a Corporate Social Responsibility in the private sector.

LENTEN TALK: The Meaning And Significance Of The Lenten Period In Christianity

As Christians all over the world we start another period of Lent on Wednesday, 6th March, which is also known as Ash Wednesday. This period commemorates the forty days and night Jesus was believed to have spent in the wilderness in preparation for is three years earthly ministry, leading to His suffering and death on the cross.

Matthew chapter 4: 1-11, gives us an account of the temptation Jesus went through at the end of that period. The devil tested him in three very important areas of human life.

1. The temptation of the flesh. Hunger is a real need of millions in the world and many will gladly accept anyone who comes with a gift of food when in dire need. In the case of Jesus though he was in desperate need at that time, he did not rush to accept the offer, but looked at the giver and the motive behind the gift. He knew that though the gift was timely, but the spirit behind the gift was questionable. When like Jesus we are offered gifts that can only satisfied temporarily may we have the courage to remember that “man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”

2. The second temptation was that of pride, the devil knew who Jesus was; the Son of God, he knew he can do all things and that God can intervene on His behalf in all situation. He therefore wanted Jesus to prove his power and authority for his own glory. In His response Jesus remained him that one should not put God to the test.

3. The third temptation has to deal with the quest for power and authority. This is a temptation a lot of people fall into. We want to be at the top in our nation, Church, work place and society and people go at length to seek ways and means to get this power. They worship other god’s, involved in strange sacrifices and even kill to obtain power. All this is done to gain wealth and authority which don’t last. Jesus in rebuking Satan reminded him and is reminding us that; you shall worship the lord your God and him only shall you serve”.

As we go through this period of lent many of us will want to observe and abstain from certain practices and actions. Others will be going through a period of fasting and prayers as a way of identifying with the experience Christ went through. These are all good acts however what God is looking for is a heart of penitence and repentance. Joel 2: 12-13 reminds us that: we should return to God with all our heart, with fasting, with weeping, and mourning; and rent our hearts and not our garments. We should return to the Lord our God, for he is gracious and merciful.

May the grace, blessing and peace of god through his Son Jesus Christ be with us all throughout this period.


Limkokwing University Showcases Innovative Exhibition

Limkokwing University, one of Sierra Leone’s best private universities is showcasing solution to digital, videography, graphic design, advertising and branding challenges in the country.
The University’s Faculty of Design Innovation on Monday 4th March 2019 opened an exhibition to showcase its two programs, digital photography and graphics design to the public at their Hill Station Campus in Freetown.
The exhibition which is expected to end next week also showcased good number of students whom have so far been trained and are ready to make an entrance into the job market to execute what they have learnt.

Limkokwing University Sierra Leone Head of Faculty of Design Innovation, Lesly Tshekedi, said their students are well trained to undertake professional jobs and added that they have the ability to rebrand a whole entity with a comprehensive marketing solution and rebranding. The students, he said, selected some major companies of which they are able to put together rebranding materials that have been accepted by some of the companies. Some companies, the Head of Faculty said have shown interest in the student’s finished products, which they want to use to advertise their products and services. “We have successfully trained them and we’ll soon send them out for three months internship,” he said and admonished companies to accommodate the interns so as to further capacitate them with practical skills.

Some of the advertising and marketing materials exhibited by the students include: food and non-food items, promotional materials, banners, fliers, letterheads, complimentary cards, leaflets, caps, t-shirts, logos and customize printing, calendar, badges etc. Some of the companies showcased include: Sierra Leone Brewery Limited (SLBL), Guaranty Trust Bank (GTBank), Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA), Gracebell Enterprise, SIERRAAKKER, SSL Takeaway, Bo Garri etc.

On the environmental segment of the exhibition, students displayed good photos depicting various environmental challenges faced in society, such as land pollution, land degradation, soil pollution, water pollution, land encroachment, stone mining, sand mining, slum dwellers, waste management, deforestation etc. “We are using digital skills to manipulate products so as to get them well marketed,” one of the students remarked and added that they are capable enough, with the skills acquired, to transform a whole entity through rebranding and advertisement.

Limkokwing Sierra Leone commits to empowering the world’s next generation by encouraging creativity and innovation in all forms and functions. Because they believe that an empowered youth is key to the transformation of communities all over the world.

The Limkokwing campus in Freetown is home to over 1,000 students. Strategically located in the capital and largest city of Sierra Leone, the campus serves as a breeding ground for young and creative Sierra Leoneans to pursue their careers and passion in different fields.

The university runs an extensive range of diploma and degree programmes through six faculties—Design Innovation, Multimedia Creativity, Communication, Media & Broadcasting, Information & Communication Technology, Business Management & Globalisation, and Architecture & Built Environment.

These programmes are accredited by the Botswana Qualifications Authority (BQA) and the Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges & Universities (ASIC).

The campus itself is everything a student needs. It has facilities made and tailored especially for the students such as the library, classrooms, hall, discussion room, and computer laboratory.
The photography team that did presentation included Philip Kanu, Abass Bundu Fornah and Hawanatu Kanu
while Mary Sesay, Ibrahim Barrie and Hindolo Brima Mansaray who are also part of the Graphics design team.

VP Juldeh Jalloh Maps out Impending Changes

Vice President of Sierra Leone, Dr. Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh

Recently, Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh announced major changes which the Bio led Government will soon be implementing to boost tourism and other key sectors of the economy.
Visiting Njala University last week, the Vice President spoke about the Government’s intention to put University education at the centre of Government’s drive to improve the country’s workforce and bridge skills gap.
He said that the Government will increase University budgets so as to improve not only the buildings and facilities, but to improve learning, research and innovation. Universities are a major component of nation building, because they play a leading role in research and development.
He also spoke about the potential of the marine sector. But he said that regrettably Sierra Leone earns only $17 million revenue from the marine industry, through licensing fees issued to foreign trawlers. This he said is unacceptable and must change.
Sierra Leone lacks the infrastructure for marine processing, packaging and exporting, he said. And this needs to change if the economy is to grow and jobs created.
The Government, he said, is putting appropriate structures and policies in place to make the necessary changes.
But Government, according to him cannot undertake the massive investment needed to grow the marine sector. The private sector must take on this role.
The role of Government, he said, is to create the necessary climate and conditions that will promote and stimulate private sector investment that will in turn create jobs.
The Vice President said that the private sector in Sierra Leone has experienced prolonged periods of contraction because of bureaucratic hurdles, especially in establishing new businesses.
This problem, he said applies, to both indigenous and foreign investors. He added that the President has created an investment board which acts as the key policy making body for all private sector investments.
The aim of the Bio led Government the VP said, is to expand the private sector to create jobs and grow the economy. This will then enable Government to earn more revenue through taxation, rather than borrowing or seeking international aid.
“Government does not directly create jobs but creates the necessary environment that enables the private sector to create jobs,” Jalloh said.
Speaking about developing the country’s tourism industry, Vice President Jalloh is clear about what needs to be done.
“We are working towards putting infrastructure in place to declare Sierra Leone a visa-free country, which means so many people around the world can just jump on a plane and come to Sierra Leone and get a visa on arrival.
“This country does not have a lot of foreign Missions across the world so the best way you can encourage tourists, business people and investors to come is to make things easy for them.
“We are also looking at instituting an eVisa system which means you could sit down in your home and apply for your visa electronically to come to Sierra Leone. We are investing in infrastructure.
“Tourism means a lot for the future of Sierra Leone. We see it as an entry point for re-branding Sierra Leone. We want to send a strong signal to the world that Sierra Leone is open for business and also for tourism.
“We see the tourism sector as one of the vehicles to drive diversification of the economy. We see that it is able to stimulate growth and also build an economic base that offers jobs for boys and girls across the country,” said Jalloh.

Marina House Birth Centre Opens for Business


On Sunday 3rd March 2019, Sierra Leone’s newest and second private Birth Centre in the country was officially unveiled at 54 Circular Road in Central Freetown. Present at the ceremony were several stakeholders including Dr. Samba, a popular gynaecologist, the head of Midwifery at the College of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences (COMAHS), Dr. Joan Shepard, Dr. Mike Kamara, Mrs. Jennifer Renner-Thomas, Mrs. Amber Coker etc.
Speaking during the opening ceremony, amidst intermittent bursts of emotion, the Centre’s Clinical Director, Junova Swarray (Nee Ellis) gave a brief background into the journey leading to the establishment of the centre at Circular Road. She disclosed that she was motivated by her 3 year old daughter (now 11years) to take up the challenge to establish the centre. This motivation, she added was also premised on the belief that she was destined to embrace women’s issues, especially in the area of delivery.
Digressing further on her belief that she was predestined to work in that field, Junova dissected her name, which she maintained is a pointer to her future engagement. Born on the 26th of June and her late father on 26th November, she said that the blend of both months is ‘JUNOVA’. Furthermore, the combination of the name of the Roman Goddess of Child Birth (JUNO- meaning every woman needs her personal guardian angel) and the female reproductive organ, the Ovary (women’s eggs), form her name. She therefore had this belief that she was destined to work in that field. As a Maternity-in-Patient Manager in one of the renowned teaching hospitals in the UK, she has vast experience in practical delivery of pregnant women and wanted to replicate them in Sierra Leone. This centre, she maintained, is her own way of giving back to Sierra Leone and hoped for its replication all over the country.
Marina House Birth Centre is named after her late mother, who died due to cervical cancer and House is a place that one can feel relaxed, secured, comfortable, nurturing, get respite and care. Thus the Birth Centre is organised to encourage pregnant women deliver amidst an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity, with latest therapeutic measures to facilitate the right atmosphere for a relaxed delivery. She intimated that there is musical therapy, pool therapy and close personal interaction between the nurses cum midwife and the patients. She maintained that what will take place in the centre will be along best international practices. She added that there will be no need for an ambulance as all the equipment for delivery are in place and even in cases where surgery is needed, the expert surgeons will be available as a theatre is in place for any such cases. The centre has fully air conditioned maternity rooms equipped with TV sets to enhance relaxation of the patients, delivery room, operating theatre, laboratory etc. a real sense of being looked after during labour (is their Trade mark). Midwives in the facility will be with the patients during labour and be encouraging them to hold on. They will display that high level of professionalism where patients are encouraged rather than shouted at. The centre will be run on a 24 hour basis (3 shifts) and there is going to be that one-to-one care in the institution.
On the issue of cost, Madam Junova said that their charges are competitive and are within the reach of many citizens. She invites citizens to come and hold discussions on the charges, admonishing them not to shy away because of the facilities as negotiations can be done and a common ground reached. The hospital has qualified staff and there is commitment by professional midwives who had hitherto retired, to come on board and offer their services. She expressed appreciation to various personalities, singling out her care taker, Amadu for being there all those years.
Sia Katherine Sohna, the MHBC’s first patient, in an exclusive interview with this medium said that she watched the Proprietress of the institution on television, explaining the facilities and care they offer to their patients. This then moved her (as this is her first pregnancy) to contact them. She maintained that being anxious about having safe delivery; she was looking for a place with experts and trained personnels and found it in this institution. She is now pleased and hopeful of safe delivery and called on other pregnant women to come on board for better and proper health care during delivery.
Dr. Joan Shepard, Head of Midwifery at COMAHS, expressed pleasure at the facilities in the clinic, adding that it will enhance further knowledge and experiences of some of her trainees at COMAHS. She praised the Proprietress for this noble act and hoped other clinics will emulate the standards set in the facility. She noted that midwifery is a delicate area because one mistake can be fatal, so there is every need for professional service delivery and concern for detail. She stressed on the protection of the health care workers with the requisite protective gears as they deal with a lot of body fluids. She noted that the facility and the caliber of staff will render quality services to their patients.