NP-SL Remains a Leading Player in Sierra Leone’s Petroleum Industry

By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP-Sierra Leone Limited (NP-SL Ltd) has emerged as a key player in the country’s petroleum industry, positioning itself as a proactive and customer-centric institution dedicated to providing high-quality petroleum products and services.

With a transparent approach to business and a commitment to customer satisfaction, NP-SL Ltd has become a reliable source for a wide range of petroleum products, including petrol, diesel, gas and lubricants, notably the highly sought-after Castrol lubricant oil, known for its efficient engine lubrication properties.

The company’s dedication to customer service has been a cornerstone of its success. NP-SL Ltd employs a dedicated workforce and a network of distributors to ensure the availability and accessibility of its petroleum products throughout the nation. This commitment aligns with the Government’s efforts to drive development and economic growth.

One of the remarkable achievements of NP-SL Ltd is the elimination of fraudulent practices at their fuel stations. Through the implementation of modern, calibrated pumping machines at their service points, customers are assured of receiving the precise quantity of fuel they pay for, eliminating concerns of under dispensing or overcharging. This commitment to accuracy and fairness has earned the company the coveted title of “1st For Customer Care.”

In a recent nationwide survey, we sought the opinions of a significant portion of NP-SL Ltd’s customer base to gauge their views on the company’s operations. Respondents overwhelmingly praised the company for its dedication to effective service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Renowned Social Commentator, Mohamed Bai Sesay, commended NP-SL Ltd for its exceptional customer care practices, asserting that the company leads the way in this aspect within the business landscape of the country.

He explained, “To ensure transparent sales and provide customers with their money’s worth, the company’s shareholders made the strategic decision to procure and install modern calibrated pumping machines at their Filling Stations. Any notion that pumps attendants are cheating customers is unfounded, as these machines guarantee accuracy and fairness.”

Abdulai Braima, a seasoned Economist, emphasized the importance of deepening local content for sustainable economic growth. He lauded NP-SL Ltd’s policy of offering employment exclusively to Sierra Leoneans, describing it as a commendable step towards empowering citizens and improving their living standards.

“I commend the shareholders for their high sense of patriotism,” he remarked.

Majority of those interviewed mentioned that they use NP Gas for cooking purposes, noting its efficiency and environmental friendliness. NP Gas is a cooking device available in various cylinder sizes at affordable prices at the company’s Filling Stations.

Memunatu Forna, a businesswoman, highlighted its popularity and performance, stating, “It’s fast and convenient and with easy access to gas refills at various Filling Stations, it’s in high demand.”

NP Smart Card, another innovative offering by the company, has gained popularity among consumers. Users praised its convenience for purchasing petroleum products, allowing them to avoid the hassle of withdrawing cash from banks.

Musa Kalokoh, an engineer, shared his positive experience, stating, “I use my Smart Card to purchase fuel and it works perfectly well, especially on busy Fridays when I don’t want to queue at the bank.”

The growth of NP-SL Ltd extends beyond Sierra Leone’s borders, with branches successfully established in neighboring Guinea, Liberia, Ivory Coast and The Gambia. This expansion showcases the company’s vibrant and thriving operations in the region.

Today, NP-SL Ltd stands as a testament to a successful and thriving business entity, contributing significantly to Sierra Leone’s socio-economic development. Its commitment to transparency, customer satisfaction, and local empowerment serves as a model for emulation in the industry.


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