Tourism Ministry & Tourist Board Strategize to Map out Recovery Plan


Amin Kef Sesay

The Minister of Tourism and the National Tourist Board are shifting to develop robust recovery measures. “We are ready to revamp the industry again,” says the Minister confidently.

Being the fastest growing public sector industry in the country, the Ministry of Tourism, which was on an impressive upward performance and revenue raising trajectory before the COVID-19 shock hit the country in March, an undaunted Minister, Dr. Memunatu Pratt, Ministry staff and the National Tourist Board are busy at work, charting out a Post-COVID 19 tourism revival plan.

Tourism is a significant part of the economy, with the immediate and immense shock to the tourism sector resulting from the corona-virus pandemic affecting the wider economy.

Significantly, tourism generates foreign exchange, drives regional development, directly supports numerous types of jobs and businesses and underpins many local communities.

Whilst the return of overseas tourists to the country will be slow, immediate recovery lies in local tourism, which would go a long way in reviving the hospitality, food and entertainment sectors of the economy.

Domestic tourism, which accounts for a significant share of the tourism economy, is expected to recover more quickly, driving recovery, as it supports many jobs and businesses. Lifting travel restrictions is going to aid the recovery.

In this direction, the Minister and team and sector players and stakeholders are preparing a comprehensive tourism recovery plan that includes rethinking the tourism sector for the future in order to make the sector stronger, sustainable and resilient.


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