Fatima Bio Meets her Guinean ‘Daughter’


By Abubakarr Harding

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, the Leader of the Republic of Guinea, who travelled with his only daughter Jaba Doumbouya to Sierra Leone on Friday October 28th 2022, introduced his daughter to the First Lady of Sierra Leone whilst smilingly saying he brought his daughter over specifically for her to meet the Sierra Leone First Lady.

In typical Madinka Madingo tradition, the Guinean Leader told First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio that she should take his daughter as her own daughter.

“I brought your daughter to meet you,” Colonel Mamady Doumbouya said at State House on his arrival as he introduced his daughter to the First Family with a special emphasis on the fact that his daughter already admires the Sierra Leone First Lady so much.

The First Lady of Guinea,  Laurianne Doumbouya, who just delivered newborn baby son Lansana Doumbouya last month, was unable to make the trip however the Sierra Leone First Lady was at hand to ensure she warmly welcomed the First Gentleman and the First Daughter of Guinea.

After handing his daughter over to First Lady Fatima Maada Bio, the Guinean Head of State went into closed-door discussions with the Sierra Leone Head of State.

Whilst the discussions were being held between only the two Heads of State behind closed doors, the Honourable Vice President, Foreign Minister and other State officials engaged with other high profile Guinean officials whilst First Lady Dr. Fatima Maada Bio engaged herself with Guinea’s First Daughter Jaba Doumbouya in mother-daughter discussions.

First Lady Fatima Maada Bio spent the entire time of the closed door discussions between her husband and the Guinean Leader, engaging her daughter Jaba Doumbouya in what the Sierra Leone First Lady later remarked as “a delightful time with my daughter Jaba”.

Jaba Doumbouya was seen in all smiles as she walked around State House lovingly behind the sweet motherly Sierra Leone First Lady Fatima Maada Bio.

It is well known that First Lady of Sierra Leone has a natural affinity with youths, especially with Girls who see Her Excellency Dr. Fatima Maada Bio as their Role Model. Such admiration of Girls for H.E. Dr. Fatima Maada Bio transcends the shores of Sierra Leone into neighbouring countries and further into the world at large.



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