NP (SL) Limited Embarks on Thorough Face Lift of its Kissy Terminal


By Amin Kef (Ranger)

NP-Sierra Leone Limited has embarked on a thorough face-lifting of its main Terminal situated alongside, one the coastal areas of Kissy, a growing community that is located in the East End of Freetown. The ongoing face lift includes positioning   one of the newly calibrated digitized storage tanks with maximum safe filing capacity.

From what this medium learnt, it is the conviction of Management of the company that customer satisfaction could be enhanced to an optimum level through digitalization of storage facilities and Gantries.

Indeed, this latest move on the part of the company is just another confirmation of the importance that Management of the company places on the giving utmost satisfaction to its numerous customers across the country , ensuring that it explores possible avenues through which petroleum products could be secured with the main aim of averting any form of scarcity that will negatively impinge other walks of life or activities that may lead to panic buying and the disruption of normalcy.

Incontestably, NP-Sierra Leone Limited is currently one of the most reliable sources of inspiration for intending entrepreneurs or investors aspiring to establish business entities that they wish to see grow exponentially and become a towering entity in Sierra Leone.

There are many valuable lessons that could be derived from the Company in order to realize a very successfully independent business entity. To start with, the success story of the NP (SL) Ltd could inspire new entrepreneurs and definitely serve as a roadmap to navigate the business landscape in order to actualize business dreams into tangible realities independently.

The Company was founded way back in 1977 when British Petroleum acquired the shares of AGIP and operated until June 1984 and the then Government of Sierra Leone acquired 60% shares from British Petroleum Sierra Leone Limited. Towards the end of 1984, British Petroleum Sierra Leone Ltd. divested its remaining 40% equity to the Precious Mineral and Mining Company.

In 1996, the company was privatized in which Government sold 55% of its 60% equity to Leone Oil with the remaining 5% to its staff.

In February 2011, in efforts to rejuvenate and reinvigorate the company, the Sierra Leone National Company was rebranded and therefore changed its name to NP (SL) Limited.

Ever since, the Company has been a privately owned indigenous business entity; no Government, past or present has hands or influence in its operations.

Further, NP (SL) Ltd ensures that lucrative business initiatives are well implemented to the letter leading to the realization of fruitful outputs. With up to 133 regional dealer distribution outlets, the Company operates on a firm drive anchored on result oriented initiatives intended to achieve positive business outcomes.

Also, with the devoted objective of providing optimum satisfaction, the Company’s belief is centered on excellent service delivery geared towards accomplishing customer satisfaction through customer care, and from all indications, NP (SL) Ltd has incredibly excelled in this drive. Management teams have exhibited this so well to an extent that the Company has succeeded in broadening its customer base. As far as NP (SL) Ltd is concerned, the interest of customers is absolutely paramount.

In due regard, Management and Stakeholders have made prudent efforts like, introducing Ultra-modern calibrated pumping machines capable of dispensing the right quantity of fuel that a buyer requests while displaying the price, also the NP Smart Card which allows cashless fuel purchase with ease avoiding the hassle of having to rush to the banks to withdraw monies for fuel purchase purposes, and the  NP Gas which comes in different cylinder sizes with comfort, environmentally friendly and in very affordable prices. NP Gas has been certified as good for cooking purposes and the gas that is used to refill it could be secured at NP Filling Stations.

Encompassed with all these attractive offers and more and championed solely by exclusively 100% Sierra Leoneans, NP (SL) Ltd has secured its enviable position in the Oil industry in Sierra Leone and in the Wes African sub-region by not only ensuring endless supply of petroleum products, but also providing valuable lessons that are worth emulating by aspiring entrepreneurs and potential investors.



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