Employers Federation Chairman Urges Members to Pay Annual Subscription

By Amin Kef Sesay

The Sierra Leone Employers Federation, with the result-oriented and charismatic personality, Kobi Walker, as its Chairman is an entity that seeks to promote and protect the interest of employers in the country on all matters.

As was previously stated by the Chairman, the world endured a staggering downturn amidst the spread of COVID-19 and its negative consequences particularly harsh for workers most of whom have suffered tremendous losses in terms of income and employment. According to Kobi Walker millions of businesses around the world were barely breathing with unemployment levels reaching an all-high.

As he pointed out during that period, it was his firm belief that with the collective efforts of all Sierra Leoneans COVID-19 will be defeated and the economy will be on the path to recovery.

Indeed, that belief turned out to be true and today adjustments have been made to the dislocations brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Against that backdrop, the Chairman of Sierra Leone Employers Federation, Kobi Walker, has stated that when he took over the office of Executive Secretary he found out that a huge number of members of the Federation are not paying their annual subscription of 2,000 new Leones (2m). He underscored that he met a disadvantaged financial position plus outstanding bills.

He added that, in as much as they represent Employers in the Tripartite system of industrial relations and work with Ministry of Labour and SL Labour Congress as the recognized voice for all employers.

Kobi Walker furthered intimated that they need to pay subscriptions for 2022 adding that they need to register new offices and Employers when they pay their subscriptions. He added that they all need to strengthen the Employers Federation by participating in programmes, seeking professional advice on Labour Law and HR, Link to legal services and advocacy and provide training in relevant job / ILO practices and conventions.

He ended up calling on employers to please honour their annual subscription of 2,000 new Leones (2m) in order to make the Federation a formidable force to reckon with.


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